Jennifer Lopez Reveals ‘Scary As F*ck’ Moment She Nearly Fell Off A Cliff Filming Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez in Shotgun Wedding
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Jennifer Lopez has been a romantic comedy queen for decades now, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. But her latest release Shotgun Wedding also has an action twist, thanks to her character Darcy’s wedding being taken over by armed pirates. She and co-star Josh Duhamel had to do plenty of wild action sequences, and JLo recently revealed the “scary as fuck” moment she nearly fell off a cliff filming Shotgun Wedding.

Shotgun Wedding was released on Amazon Prime this past weekend, and plenty of folks had the chance to watch Jennifer Lopez balance action and comedy (see the reviews here). Her wedding dress is an ongoing gag throughout the film’s 100-minute runtime, and early in the film her train gets caught in the wheels of a golf cart that’s about to fall off a cliff. It turns out that life imitated art when filming that sequence, as Lopez shared with Buzzfeed and her co-stars in a recent video:

So, you know how in that scene where my dress was caught on the wheel? One time it got caught in the wheel, and I was going over, and I'm looking at Josh. I'm like, 'Josh, Don't let me go, please.’ He's like, 'I got you! You go, we go!'

Well, that definitely sounds “scary as fuck” as JLo described it. While in the end the shot was filmed without the pop star/actress/producer being injured, it shows how much risk goes into action-heavy TV and film projects. But it sounds like she and co-star Josh Duhamel were able to form a real trusting relationship while playing spouses in Shotgun Wedding.

Jennifer Lopez’s story about Shotgun Wedding and the cliff came as a surprise to even her co-stars like D’arcy Carden and Jennifer Coolidge, who were also featured in this video by Buzzfeed. While they were all living together when filming the action rom-com on location in the Dominican Republic, JLo was keeping busy as both the movie’s star and a producer. You can check out the fun clip featuring the cast below:

Although the story that Lopez told was definitely charming and showed off her great chemistry with Josh Duhamel, it definitely highlights just how dangerous film sets can be, especially when stunts are involved. This has been a hot button issue in Hollywood lately, especially in the wake of a number of tragedies, including a few deaths. For instance, producers like The Rock have vowed to stop using real guns on sets following the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins.

Part of why Shotgun Wedding is such a fun ride is due to the action sequences, especially because protagonists Darcy and Tom are clumsy and not very good at fighting/shooting. Pair that with the hilarious ensemble cast and quick pacing, and the new comedy by director Jason Moore is a joy that I’ve already watched more than once.

Shotgun Wedding is streaming on Amazon Prime now. Be sure to check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. JLo has some upcoming projects coming up, thanks to her ongoing deal with Netflix. 

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