JLO Opens Up About Reconnecting With Ben Affleck, And The ‘Fear’ That Came With Giving Love A Chance Again

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me
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Being an A-list celebrity is a dream for many, but there’s definitely some downsides to fame. This is especially true when it comes to famous couples, as one’s personal life becomes a public matter. Case in point: Bennifer 2.0. JLo recently opened up about reconnecting with Ben Affleck, and the “fear” that came with giving love a chance again.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were the hot couple of the early 2000’s, with their names making countless headlines during their years together. That’s why their recent reunion basically broke the internet, and why they’ve been constantly photographed in the following months. The actress and recording artist recently opened up about reconnecting with Affleck, saying:

What I feel so lucky and happy and proud to be with him. It’s a beautiful love story that we got a second chance.

Do you hear that sound? It’s fans all over collectively saying “Aww.” Because after JLO’s years in the spotlight and various romances, the public is definitely invested in seeing the 52 year-old icon happy. And it sounds like she’s feeling just that thanks to her new relationship with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez’s comments to People come as the multihyphenate is in the midst of promoting her new movie Marry Me. Her love life has enthralled the masses both on and off the screen, which should presumably help the box office performance of the upcoming flick. Although JLO also admits there was some “fear” to her viral reunion. 

Later in that same interview, Jennifer Lopez further opened up about some of the more complicated feelings she had over her reunion with Ben Affleck. After all, the pair clearly had a history, including the way they were perceived by the media at the time. As the Hustlers star put it,

[We] had a little bit of fear. Before we kind of put [our relationship] out there and we were naïve and it got a little trampled. We both were like, ‘Wow, we’re so happy and we don’t want any of that to come into play again.’ We’re older now, we’re smarter, we have more experience, we’re at different places in our lives, we have kids now, and we have to be very conscious of those things. We’re so protective because it is such a beautiful time for all of us.

She’s got a point. Bennifer’s first run in the media was a wild one, and they seemingly both learned a lot from that experience. And given the years both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have had to grow and change, it seems like now might be the perfect time for the dynamic duo. But will there be wedding bells in the future?

Professionally, both JLO and her boo have been keeping busy. Fans can’t wait to see Ben Affleck in The Flash on November 4th, while Marry Me will hit theaters on February 11th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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