JLo and Ben Affleck Still Dealing With Busy Schedules, But Made It Together For The T-Give Holiday

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Celebrity couple watchers who’ve been keeping their eyes on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have continued to have lots to look forward to, as while the rekindled romance between the two has seen them spend lots of time dealing with their very busy schedules, they still managed to get together for Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may have shocked the world when they decided to begin dating again, back in the spring, after being apart for about 17 years, but they are continuing to make the most of the relationship by making time for each other, even as they work on projects far away from one another. TMZ reported that JLo flew into Los Angeles with her 13-year-old twins, Max and Emme, last Wednesday, so that she and Affleck could spend Thanksgiving together. She even has a home in the city not too far away from her boyfriend’s residence, which likely made the couple’s holiday plans even easier to coordinate with their family time.

What Has Been Keeping JLo And Ben Affleck Apart?

This fall has been an especially busy one for both Affleck and Lopez. She likely flew into L.A. from Canada, where she’s been hard at work starring in and producing the thriller, The Mother, for Netflix the past couple of months. Lopez is also gearing up for the release of her romantic comedy, Marry Me, in February, and just performed one of her songs from the movie at the American Music Awards the weekend before the holiday (while wearing, of course, a wedding gown). Meanwhile, Affleck has spent lots of time promoting his historical drama, The Last Duel, and also filming Robert Rodriguez's new thriller, Hypnotic, in Austin, Texas.

We don’t know where JLo and Affleck had their Thanksgiving meal, or whether or not they got both of their families together (Affleck has three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner) for the day, but it’s possible that such a thing at least happened over the weekend, as the two were still hanging out and enjoying couple time. On Saturday, the duo was photographed holding hands as they headed into a recording studio, and at some point Affleck found time to also dine with his kids, Violet (15), Seraphina (12) and Samuel (9). TMZ has also noted that the two are looking to buy a home in L.A.

Obviously, this Thanksgiving meetup is exactly the kind of thing that will be important for Lopez and Affleck as they continue with their renewed romance. While they’ve been very public since getting back together, doing things like appearing on a number of red carpets, dazzling at film festivals, and celebrating on yachts, it’s also important for them to enjoy important moments like the holidays with each other, and share some quieter downtime.

Luckily, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck seem committed to carving out whatever time possible to be with each other so that they can keep their relationship strong. So, who knows, it might not be long before we hear word that the couple has moved in together, or that the eternally romantic Lopez is going for another chance at her happily ever after with Affleck and an engagement. Until then, I can’t wait to see what they do for Christmas. 

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