Joseph Gordon Levitt On The ‘Treat’ Of Working With Eddie Murphy On Beverly Hills Cop 4

Seeing Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley again has been a long road for Beverly Hills Cop fans. Moviegoers are close to seeing Foley return to Beverly Hills once again after a few false starts and delays. This time around, Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets to join in on the fun. But this wasn’t another role for Gordon-Levitt as he was a fan of the original BHC films. Of course, working with a Hollywood staple like Murphy could’ve gone two ways – either good or bad. Luckily his time on the set has been the former the Inception star called working with the Oscar-nominated actor “a treat.”

Gordon-Levitt opened up to Collider about filming the Beverly Hills Cop sequel while promoting his Apple TV+ animated series Wolfboy and the Everything Factory. The former child star’s role in the sequel is currently unknown as the film is in production. Acting alongside Murphy wasn’t a full-circle moment for him. The 500 Days of Summer star revealed his affinity for the comedy legend started with his older brother, who was a huge fan. Eventually, his brother’s love for Murphy rubbed off on him. Once he was on set with the Axel Foley actor, the actor-producer found Murphy to be better than he imagined.     

The first thing I ever remember learning on piano was that theme song, Axel F, right? I remember my brother was a huge, I have an older brother, who loved Eddie Murphy, who loved Beverly Hills Cop, as well as Raw, Delirious, and his stuff on SNL. So it's an early childhood, one of those deep-seated affinities. So the opportunity to get to be in a movie of Beverly Hills Cop… we're shooting now, I get to hang out with Eddie Murphy and talk about movies and music and stand up, and I mean, he's such a sweetheart. It's such a treat. The whole thing is such a treat.

They say never meant your idols, but Gordon-Levitt’s interactions with Murphy proved the statement can be wrong sometimes. He went from watching the original Beverly Hill Cop to starring in a BHC sequel with the SNL alum. So, this role is a full-circle moment for the TV and film actor. As a bonus, he gets to pick Murphy’s brain daily about his history while filming the Beverly Hills Cop 3 sequel. It makes you wonder what their conversations are like on set.

You would think a star of Murphy’s caliber is reserved and closed-off. But the Coming 2 America star didn’t mind sharing his time with his co-stars as they film the anticipated sequel. Gordon-Levitt seemed more than ready to hear what the Oscar-nominated actor had to say. So, joining Beverly Hills Cop 4 was a dream turned reality for the 500 Days of Summer star.

Eddie Murphy isn’t the only BHC alum Joseph Gordon-Levitt will interact with on the sequel. Original cast members, including Judge Reinhold and Bronson Pinchot, are returning to the franchise after last being seen in Beverly Hills Cop 2.  The Looper star isn’t the only newcomer to the cop franchise as Kevin Bacon joined in on the fun for Axel Foley’s new visit to the California city. Get more information on the much-delayed sequel before Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley arrives on Netflix at an unknown release date. Don’t forget new movies are still set to arrive at movie theaters and streaming platforms in 2022.

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