Lady Gaga’s Hairstylist Cried Over House Of Gucci, But It Wasn’t Because Of Her Performance

Lady Gaga in House of Gucci
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Lady Gaga and the rest of the House of Gucci gang have certainly made some waves since the film’s release, but apparently it’s not just the Gucci family that was stressing over the film. Apparently Gaga’s hairstylist cried over House of Gucci, but it seems to have more to do with Gaga’s look for the film than it does with her potential Oscar-worthy performance. 

In an interview with People, Lady Gaga’s friend and longtime hairstylist Fredric Aspiras explained the work that went into transforming Gaga into Patrizia Reggiani, her House of Gucci character. Apparently the pop star-turned-blockbuster actress wanted Aspiras to color her platinum blonde hair months before filming on House of Gucci was set to start, and it broke the stylist's heart to do so. Here it is in his own words:

We re-dyed her real hair from her platinum signature blonde hair back to brown months before the movie was shot, just so that she could feel be in the character. I mean, you’re talking about someone who is so devoted to characterization and the art that she willingly wanted to color white hair. It was past her shoulder, it was very healthy, gorgeous, and wanted to color it brown. And I was so beside myself. I was crying. I was like, ‘Are you sure about that?’ ‘Like, yes.’ And we colored it brown.

While it could certainly sound like a first world problem, the truth is that platinum blonde hair is a difficult thing to achieve, and Fredric Aspiras has consistently achieved the look on Lady Gaga for some time now. Gaga’s strikingly white hair that she typically dons has helped make her one of the most recognizable blondes today, though her look in House of Gucci is more like her natural color. 

Honestly, hairstylists everywhere would probably shed a tear if they had to dye over such a brilliant example of hair art. According to Lady Gaga’s personal stylist though, the choice to do so was specifically so that Gaga could get into character ahead of filming. This is pretty standard of Gaga when working on films, as she takes her parts pretty seriously, and even does some improvisation based on how well she knows her characters. 

Lady Gaga’s character in House of Gucci was certainly one for hairstyles, and Fredric Aspiras had his work cut out for him. But if he can create such an iconic blonde look and keep it consistent for so long, even bringing it back after filming on House of Gucci wrapped, it would seem that he’d be the obvious choice to continue styling Gaga’s hair in the film. 

House of Gucci is currently available to watch in theaters, and features a pretty on point cast, including a dark haired Lady Gaga and an utterly unrecognizable Jared Leto. Even without the icons who make up the film and the stellar costume/makeup department, House of Gucci is one story you don’t want to miss out on.

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