Sounds Like The Gucci Family Is Not Pleased About Lady Gaga And Adam Driver's Upcoming Biopic

Adam Driver in Marriage Story and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born both look concerned.

Just when you thought the uproar over Ridley Scott’s film House of Gucci had died down, the Adam Driver/Lady Gaga-starring biopic has made another party rather upset. This time, members of the actual Gucci family have spoken out about not being pleased with the results of the movie, which is now in production. The basis for their claims are some pretty powerful stuff, indicating just how displeased the family is.

In a statement made to The Associated Press, Gucci heir Patrizia Gucci voiced displeasure over several matters pertaining to how House of Gucci is telling this particularly sensitive story. The second cousin to the slain Maurizio Gucci, who will be played by Adam Driver in the picture, Patrizia has taken issue with things such as the casting of Al Pacino and Jared Leto in key roles in the Gucci family. Perhaps the most powerful statement she made against the film is the one where she equates the production of the film to both identity theft and an invasion of privacy.

What makes this latest House of Gucci controversy even more interesting is how Patrizia Gucci claimed to have contacted Ridley Scott’s wife, Giannina Facio. The purpose of that contact was to seek “clarification on the scope of the film.” That request went unanswered, leading to this current climate of discomfort between the heirs to the famed fashion house and Scott’s ongoing production.

This new complaint comes not too long after Patrizia Reggiani herself claimed to also have a problem with House of Gucci’s production. The ex-wife of Maurizio, who was convicted in hiring a hitman to end her ex-husband’s life, Reggiani was annoyed that Lady Gaga hadn’t consulted her before accepting to play her in the biopic depicting these real-life events.

As we get closer to the November 21 release date of House of Gucci, there’s always the chance for even more drama to erupt over the finished product. While the concerns of both the Gucci family and Patrizia Reggiani are valid, there’s always the question of just how much consultation a film such as this needs before heading into production. Thankfully, these disputes are currently nothing more serious than what you see above.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds throughout the rest of the year, and hope that the more lighthearted reactions to House of Gucci outnumber the potential woes. On another note, if you’re an Adam Driver fan curious to see what he’ll be appearing in within the near future, you can check out his upcoming slate of projects, which may or may not include another Ridley Scott-directed project. Here’s a hint: it totally does, as Driver also has The Last Duel slated to be released later this year.

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