Machine Gun Kelly Went Undercover And Got To Hear Fans Unfiltered Opinions About Him And His Wedding To Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly in his make up sex music video and MGK undercover on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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As Machine Gun Kelly has skyrocketed into mainstream stardom, he’s gained a specific perception from the public, which the Internet likes to make fun of, especially when it comes to his relationship with Megan Fox. Following a number of social posts between the couple, a lot of people like to joke about the engaged pair exchanging blood and morphing souls. It makes for the perfect time for MGK to go undercover and see how people really think about him.

With the help of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Machine Gun Kelly transformed into a brown-haired, glasses and suit-wearing alter ego, who took to the streets of Hollywood to ask random people what they think of him to his face. Here’s one unfiltered opinion MGK heard while standing beside a Hollywood and Highland pedestrian: 

I like his music. I find the whole blood-drinking thing a bit unusual. … I'd say [to MGK] congratulations on the wedding. Please don't sacrifice a goat at it.

Little did she know she was speaking to the man himself! When Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged in January, the Transformers actress ended her sweet social media post by saying “then we drank each other’s blood” which I’d like to think was some sort of poetic metaphor. But maybe she meant it literally like many people took it? Who knows. Anyway, here’s another reaction during MGK’s undercover mission: 

Um… not a huge fan. Yeah, I think his new direction is a little forced.

Yikes! Thankfully the pop punk star took the criticism like a champ. He also asked another pedestrian if he looked like Ellen DeGeneres. She said no, but then he brought out a printed side by side of the pair. You could tell he was having a blast making fun of himself, referring to the images of him and Ellen as a “couple of beautiful ladies”. Check out the Jimmy Kimmel “Gundercover” video for yourself:  

A couple weeks ago, Machine Gun Kelly released his seventh album Mainstream Sellout, which has the artist continuing to lean into the pop punk revival. The album features collaborations with Willow Smith, Avril Lavigne, Bring Me The Horizon and Lil Wayne among others. Since the artist previously was known for a more hip hop sound, not everyone has jumped aboard his new sound.  

MGK’s undercover moment also had some sweet moments, too. He met a fan who clocked him even in his disguise before he shared that he did a big jump during one of his shows before signing a copy of his album. Another funny moment involved the artist revealing himself to a pedestrian after interviewing them, who was totally pleasantly surprised to see it was him. As MGK said at the end of the late night segment: 

Came out here expecting a lot of hate, but [there’s] a lot of love. So, fuck you Internet.

Along with the latest album, MGK is planning his wedding with Megan Fox, which he shared he has an “artistic vision” for. The Hollywood couple reportedly are looking to have an “extravagant, dark wedding” that will not be traditional. All that in between the couple each expected to be part of a number of upcoming movies.

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