Mark Wahlberg Compares Uncharted To Transformers When Asked About A Possible Sequel

Mark Wahlberg as Sully in Uncharted movie
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If Tom Holland is King of the Box Office after having both Spider-Man: No Way Home and Uncharted as consecutive theatrical hits, his co-star Mark Wahlberg is Prince. Wahlberg has dominated the box office before with his lead in the later Transformers films and as the best friend of the titular teddy bear Ted. In reference to whether or not his current box office hit Uncharted will potentially get a sequel, Wahlberg compares it to his highest grossing films.

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Mark Wahlberg is asked if he would be open to appearing in a sequel to Uncharted, and his answer might make a lot of fans happy. Apparently Wahlberg isn’t “in the sequel business”, but that doesn’t mean that Uncharted 2 is out of the question.

Mark Wahlberg apparently will give the people what they want if the numbers are there. He compares the future to Uncharted to that of Transformers and Ted, saying:

If the fans really love the movie and they want another one and there is that demand and we can make it better than the first, then I would because I’m not really in the sequel business. I made a sequel to Transformers because that was part of my deal and then I made a sequel to Ted.

It sounds like the main reason Mark Wahlberg was down for two Transformers films was because it was written into his contract. Ted had a pretty heavy cult following when it first came out, so it totally made sense that he would have been down for a sequel to the comedy, even if the sequel didn’t do nearly as well.

The fact that sequels usually are a little less prestigious than the original and frequently do less numbers at the box office, in a phenomenon called “The Sequel Paradox”, may have something to do with why Mark Wahlberg tends to steer clear of them. Honestly, it’s a pretty smart move.

Even so, Wahlberg had been trying to get Uncharted made for quite some time. Originally, Mark Wahlberg was supposed to play Tom Holland’s character Nathan Drake. But since it’s been a pretty long process, he became perfect for the older character of Sully. Wahlberg’s connection to the film paired with its success right out of the gate makes a sequel pretty promising, especially if fans make the desire known. 

Uncharted is currently killing it at the box offices and can possibly be considered one of the best video game to movie adaptations, like, ever. If you haven’t already, you can judge it for yourself, as Uncharted is in theaters now. If you’ve already seen Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland paired up in the film, Walhberg’s upcoming Me Time is among a number of other new release films set for 2022 and will see him opposite Kevin Hart. 

If Uncharted doesn’t get another sequel out of Mark “not really in the sequel business” Wahlberg, maybe Kevin Hart can.

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