Matthew McConaughey Speaks Out After Mass School Shooting In His Texas Hometown

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The past 24 hours have been harrowing for many, as reports of a mass shooting incident in a Texas elementary school shocked and saddened the public. The information coming from the scene is ongoing, but it's currently believed that 19 children died in the midst of the unimaginable tragedy in addition to three adults. And now Matthew McConaughey is speaking out after the mass school shooting in his Texas hometown. 

This horrifying incident of violence occurred yesterday in a primary school in Uvalde, Texas. Plenty of politicians and celebrities alike have weighed in on the tragedy, and Oscar winning actor Matt McConaughey is no exception. Although he has a personal connection, as the school shooting occurred in his hometown. The Dallas Buyer's Club actor posted a message on his Instagram, which you can see below.

Well, there you have it. Matthew McConaughey was very careful with his words about the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. Rather than pointing blame or using inflammatory language, the How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days star encouraged the public to look within related to the most recent school shooting incident. And he's appealing to folks, regardless of their political party, to make palpable changes to stop the "epidemic" of mass shootings in America.

Gun control has been a hot button issue in the country for a long time, and that's showing no signs of slowing down. And while folks out there can have a very emotional reaction to the idea of new legislation, Matthew McConaughey's post encourages people to "re-evaluate and renegotiate" their needs, especially his fellow Texans. Although it's important to note that he didn't actually use terms like "gun control" in his post, instead seemingly appealing to the hearts of his whopping 6.3 million Instagram followers.

As previously mentioned, the information regarding the shooting in Uvalde, Texas is still trickling out to the public. Some of the latest information indicates that the young victims of the incident were all actually from the same classroom. What's more, all of the victims have been identified, with their loved ones reportedly notified. Photos of the children have been making their way online as well, which only makes the tragedy all the more painful.

The comments section on Matthew McConaughey's post is lively, as folks on Instagram debate his message and react to the horrifying tragedy in Texas. While some are praising the 52 year-old actor for using his platform in this way, others have instead taken to give details/blame to the young shooter responsible for the incident. Some even encouraged McConaughey to turn off the comments section, in hopes of there being less noise and discourse around the Uvalde massacre. Access to guns is a hot button issue in the country, and it appears it'll stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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