Michael B. Jordan Has Funny Reaction To Paul Rudd Replacing Him As Sexiest Man Alive

 Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther
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Ant-Man and Ghostbusters: Afterlife star Paul Rudd was recently named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, setting the internet ablaze. It's a massive distinction for Rudd, even if his wife had another a-lister on her ballot. Of course, the celebrity that held the title prior was non other than Creed and Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan. So with this title now taken by his fellow MCU alum, Jordan shared a funny response on the turn of events. 

It was only a matter of time before someone dethroned Michael B. Jordan. I mean, he himself took over for John Legend, who was proceeded by Idris Elba. During his appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Jordan was asked how it feels being to have lost the major title and his answer, and the star couldn't have found a better way to respond. He said:

I mean, they just throw you out. Like, two weeks ago I was all the rave and now I'm just 'former Sexiest Man Alive.’ Actually, I just woke up to the news. They didn't give you a heads up, no. It was a little rude, a little disrespectful. But I let it slide because it's Paul Rudd.

The star joked that he would've loved a heads up on the fact that the was losing the crown. Though you can't help but agree with him about it being cool that Paul Rudd now holds the moniker. The Adonis Johnson actor did have a solid run in the role and, if you've seen his workouts for his roles, then you know why the honor was warranted in the first place.  

Michael B. Jordan has a lot on his plate, as he's been promoting his latest film, A Journal For Jordan, which is directed by Denzel Washington. The film follows Sgt. Charles Monroe King as he keeps a journal for his unborn son while stationed overseas. Jordan has raved about working with Washington and has even said that the experience helped him ahead of Creed 3, which will be his directorial debut. In the meantime, he also gave an interesting take on the Will Smith vs. Denzel debate, and it’s clear he has thought a lot about how their careers can reflect his own. 

On the matter of Creed 3, the star discussed why it was the right project for him to direct, saying that he was so familiar with the world and the characters that it made sense. Jonathan Majors will star alongside him, and the Kang the Conqueror actor commented on the approach his collaborator is taking, saying the filmmaker is trying to do something more intimate this time around.

With such a busy schedule, Michael B. Jordan doesn't have too much time to dwell on his lost title, though he surely enjoyed the ride while it lasted. And if you're looking to see more from the star, you can check out A Journal For Jordan, which is set to open in theaters on December 25th. 

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