Mission: Impossible 8 Has Moved Forward, And This Time Tom Cruise Is Just Hanging Out On The Wing Of A Moving Airplane

Mission: Impossible 7 only just wrapped production, but all that means for Tom Cruise is that he’s now on to Mission: Impossible 8. The movie that is now set to open in 2023 is already underway and we know at least one of the wild stunts that Tom Cruise will do as images have surfaced of him hanging from an airplane. Wait, haven’t we seen that already? Not exactly. 

Back in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Tom Cruise hung onto the side of a jet as it took off. That’s not what he’ll apparently be doing in Mission: Impossible 8 as the images from that production posted by Fox News show the actor hanging off the wing of a biplane. The plane does a loop a couple thousand feet in the air, with Cruise hanging from the bottom of it the whole time. 

It’s a potentially interesting stunt if only because it requires the use of a 1941 Boeing B75N1 Stearman biplane which is a somewhat unusual choice. How Ethan Hunt is going to end up flying a World War II era biplane is likely going to be an intriguing series of events. Still, it looks like an awesome stunt, and really, isn’t that what matters?

Back when it was first announced that Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8 were both coming out, and would be filmed one after the other, nobody was quite expecting making movies to become so complex. Mission: Impossible 7 became an absolute marathon of a film production. It was one of the first big movies to have to close down due to the pandemic, as it was getting ready to film in Italy just as that nation entered lockdown. It would finally begin production several months later, but filming would be slow, and would shutdown twice due to coronavirus concerns.

After a short break, the team is apparently back at it now, with Tom Cruise working on the next Mission: Impossible movie. From all indications the two new films together will be telling a single story. Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie wrote the two movies together. It’s not confirmed that this will mark the final movie in the franchise, though it certainly might be the last one for Christopher McQuarrie, who has been at the helm of the franchise since Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible 7 is set to open in September 2022, with Mission: Impossible 8 looking to follow in July 2023. Of course, these movies have been delayed several times already, so we can’t be completely confident that the current release dates will be the actual release dates. Fans will certainly be hopeful, and until we get closer to them, there will likely continue to be sightings of Tom Cruise doing crazy things to keep us all entertained.  

Dirk Libbey
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