No Big Deal, Just The Rock Doing Crazy Squats With Chains And Less Than 90 Seconds Between Sets

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows how to hustle, even when his schedule is a little lighter than usual. With only one title on the 2023 new movie releases schedule, some may think that the superstar is taking it easy. Nothing could be further from the truth, as shown in Johnson’s latest social media workout post, which features the man doing some crazy squats with an insane amount of time between sets.

Showing off his usual grind on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson has sent us all another message from his current iron paradise. Inspiring as always, the Black Adam star has given this glimpse into his workout routine, with a detailed breakdown on what to do if you want to try it for yourself: 

It seems crazy for Johnson to be engaging in such feats of physical prowess when you consider how much time he gives himself between sets. Although that feeling goes away pretty quickly when you recall the fact that this is the same man that once tore a security gate off its hinges. 

To maintain that sort of strength takes a lot of dedication, and Dwayne Johnson is someone who displays that very notion, and then some. Which makes it all the more weird that 2023 looks to be a relatively light year for his acting output, after the last couple of years saw Jungle Cruise, Red Notice, and others keeping  Johnson busy.

What To Know About Red One

Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw; Chris Evans in Knives Out

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Director: Jake Kasdan
Writer: Chris Morgan
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Chris Evans, J.K. Simmons, Bonnie Hunt, Lucy Liu, Kiernan Shipka, Kristofer Hivju, Nick Kroll, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and Wesley Kimmel.
Release Date/Platform: TBD Holiday '23/Prime Video

The one movie that happens to be on The Rock’s plate for the year, based on what we know about Red One, probably won’t be released until this fall. We almost saw Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam return in a cameo planned for Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, but the actor turned it down. 

As rumors of Johnson reportedly not liking Shazam are what supposedly motivated his rejection of that offer, the DCEU may not see the Man in Black returning for quite some time. Of course, there’s plenty of upcoming Dwayne Johnson movies on the actor’s docket that are waiting for some attention.

It’s not like Johnson’s announcing a retirement from acting. If anything, now’s probably a much needed breather where the entertainment juggernaut is taking a beat, and refocusing himself for the road ahead. Exercise can do that for a person, and we all know that's what gets Dwayne Johnson cooking.

Those of you looking to catch The Rock in his most current projects have a couple prime options. You can watch his semi-autobiographical sitcom Young Rock, which is returning on Friday February 3 with new episodes at 8:30 PM ET on NBC. Or, if you happened to miss Black Adam or DC League of Super-Pets in theaters, you can use your HBO Max subscription to watch both of those movies in the comfort of home.

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