Dwayne Johnson Just Revealed What Happened After He Infamously Ripped Down A Heavy Metal Gate To Get To The Set Of Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson looking at Jason Statham in Hobbs and Shaw
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Dwayne Johnson’s new Netflix movie Red Notice is finally available to stream, and the movie looks like it could be one of the company's best. But months before its release, Johnson interestingly posted a photo of a gate that he ripped from the walls of his house to get to the set. Fans have been lacking clarity on the incident but, now, Johnson has given even more details on the aftermath of his feat of strength.

While appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote his new film, The Rock was asked about the destroyed gate. He explained that a thunderstorm knocked out the power to it. All in all, it sounds like it was a wild ordeal. The actor recalled:

I pushed it and pushed it and pushed it so much that it completely came off the hinges and I threw it down. The reason I took a picture is because I called my security and I said, ’Listen, there’s a gate down please we have to get this gate fixed; my whole family is inside the house. So, he actually sent me that picture and he sent me a video of four guys trying to carry it away [laughs]. He texted me and was like, ‘What the fuck?!’ It was so funny.

So Dwayne Johnson just casually unhinged a security gate and tossed it aside all to get to work on time? I mean we've all been there, right? I honestly can't even imagine being a member of that security team and finding that smashed gate. Still, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds were presumably waiting for him on the set, so he had no choice. Well, he actually could've climbed over the gate and called for transportation, but that wasn’t feasible, apparently:

According to you and some people, it was like, ‘Why didn’t you just climb the gate and get an Uber?’ But the problem was every time I’ve tried Uber in the past, the driver etiquette of, well maybe you shouldn’t speak and just be nice and quiet, it goes out the window. So every Uber I have, drivers are like going bananas.

The actor and businessman is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, so there's absolutely a chance his driver would've gone crazy. So all in all, he chose the most sensible option and now has a cool story he can tell. He's certainly one of the most determined stars in Hollywood, and it's no wonder that his co-stars, like his fans, have a weird but endearing admiration for him.

As busy as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is, it's no wonder he went to such extreme measures to get to work. At the moment, he has a Christmas action movie on the way, which will reunite him with some Jumanji talent. Johnson also recently commented on Hobbs and Shaw, providing an update on the highly anticipated sequel. He is adamant that the next movie will be very different than anything in the wider Fast and Furious franchise.

Dwayne Johnson’s highly-anticipated DCEU movie Black Adam recently released its first look, and it is epic. Though the jury may be out as to whether it can top The Rock tearing down a gate on his own. But if anything, the amazing feat proves that the star is kind of a superpowered being both on and off screen. 

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