Orphan: First Kill Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Actors Before

Julia Stiles and Isabelle Fuhrman in Orphan: First Kill
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In 2009, audiences around the world were introduced to Orphan, a gripping psychological thriller with an all-time great twist ending that still has people talking nearly a decade-and-a-half later. The movie, which centers on the mysterious Esther — a girl who isn’t exactly who she claims to be — as she moves in with a new family, was recently given its own prequel called Orphan: First Kill, which details an earlier chapter in the deranged figure’s life, and it’s currently streaming and in theaters.

If you recently watched the movie on the big screen or with your Paramount+ subscription, you might be wondering where you’ve seen the Orphan: First Kill cast before. Well, wonder no longer, as we are about to break down the cast and some of their most prominent roles, starting with the star of the new movie: Isabelle Fuhrman. 

Isabelle Fuhrman in Orphan: First Kill

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Isabelle Fuhrman (Esther Albright/Leena Klammer)

Returning as a younger yet equally unsettling version of the Esther character (whose real name is actually Leena Klammer) in Orphan: First Kill is Isabelle Fuhrman, who manages to look just as young as she did 13 years ago when she first played the murderous orphan.

Since becoming an overnight sensation in Orphan all those years ago, Fuhrman has continued to find success in show business with appearances in movies like The Hunger Games, Cell, Good Girls Get High, and a series of short films. During that same stretch of time, Fuhrman has landed roles on a list of TV shows that includes The Whole Truth, Adventure Time, and Masters of Sex, where she appeared on a total of eight episodes as the recurring character, Tessa Johnson.

Julia Stiles in Orphan: First Kill

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Julia Stiles (Tricia Albright)

Esther spent her time terrorizing Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John Coleman (Peter Sarsgaard) in Orphan, but she has her sights set on a different family this time around. Leading the new family is Julia Stiles, who takes on the role of Tricia Albright, an upset mother desperately trying to find her missing daughter.

Probably the most well-known member of the Orphan: First Kill cast, Stiles has been a permanent fixture on the silver screen and small screen for more than a quarter-century at this point. The list of Stiles’ best movies and TV shows is an absolutely astounding collection of timeless classics like 10 Things I Hate About You, Save the Last Dance, Silver Linings Playbook, and so much more. From horror movies like The Omen to spy thriller franchises like the Bourne movies, there’s not much she can’t do.

Rossif Sutherland in Orphan: First Kill

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Rossif Sutherland (Allen Albright)

Playing opposite Julia Stiles as her husband, Allen Albright, in the Orphan: First Kill cast is Rossif Sutherland, the son of Golden Globe winner Donald Sutherland and half-brother of 24 star, Kiefer Sutherland. 

Prior to landing the role of the real Esther Albright’s father, Sutherland followed in his father’s footsteps by appearing in a large variety of film and TV productions. His list of movie appearances includes everything from the Michael Crichton adaptation Timeline to Edge of Winter, and High Life to A Call to Spy. Sutherland has also found success on the small screen on shows like ER, Monk, Reign, Haven, and The Expanse, to name just a few. 

Matthew Finlan in Orphan: First Kill

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Matthew Finlan (Gunnar Albright)

Taking on the role of role of Tricia and Allen’s older son, Gunnar Albright, in the Orphan: First Kill cast is Matthew Finlan, who has had quite a busy few years since breaking out as a professional actor not that long ago.

Since arriving on the scene in the 2018 short film, Tiny House, Finlan has gone on to show up in a variety of series like October Faction, Frankie Drake Mysteries, Nurses, and the Netflix comedy series, Workin’ Moms. He’s even appeared on beloved mystery shows like the Canadian series, Murdoch Mysteries, on which he portrayed Charlie Chaplin in a one-off episode. His film work has picked up a considerable amount in recent years, with roles in movies like Brazen and My Fake Boyfriend, with more on the way.

Hiro Kanagawa in Orphan: First Kill

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Hiro Kanagawa (Inspector Donnan)

Not all of the characters featured in the Orphan: First Kill cast are related to the young girl Esther’s claiming to be. One of the more prominent figures in the new horror movie is the tireless Inspector Donnan, Hiro Kanagawa’s character who attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the disappearance and reappearance of Esther.

To say that Kanagawa has an extensive filmography would be an incredible understatement, as the talented film, TV, and voice actor has given dozens upon dozens of performances throughout his career. There’s a good chance you’ve seen the versatile actor in movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Girlfriend Experience, Godzilla, The Age of Adaline (which became a fixture of the Netflix Top 10 in August 2022), Crisis, and Every Breath You Take. But, his TV work is where the actor’s talents truly shine. Shows like Smallville, Dark Matter, The Man in the High Castle, Upload, and Star Trek: Discovery have all featured Kanagawa in some capacity over the years.

Samantha Walkes in Orphan: First Kill

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Samantha Walkes (Dr. Sager)

Rounding out the main portion of the Orphan: First Kill cast is Samantha Walkes, who takes on the role of Dr. Sager, the family psychiatrist who isn’t totally convinced that the Esther who left is the one who has now returned to the Albright family.

Walkes makes her feature film debut with her performance in Orphan: First Kill, but this isn’t the actress’ first overall credit. Over the course of the past few years, Walkes has landed roles on shows like the CBS medical drama series Good Sam, The Kings of Napa, and Murdoch Mysteries, on which she has appeared on multiple episodes as Cassiopeia Bright.

Well, this wraps up the major players of the Orphan: First Kill cast. Hopefully this helps you figure out where you’ve seen the actors after watching the prequel to one of the best horror movies on Paramount+. If you want even more thrills and chills, don’t forget to check out our schedule of all the upcoming horror movies coming to theater and streaming services in the near future.

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