Princess Diaries 2 Screenwriter Shonda Rhimes Reveals How She Feels About A Third Movie

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Shonda Rhimes is the powerhouse creator of hit series like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. But before she became one of the biggest names in television, Rhimes actually penned the script for 2004’s The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement, which starred Anne Hathaway, Chris Pine and Julie Andrews. Amidst reports that a third Princess Diaries movie is in the works from Disney, Rhimes shared her thoughts about the story continuing. 

Back in November 2022, THR heard word that Scorpion and Supergirl writer Aadrita Mukerji had been hired to write a script for the next Princess Diaries movie. However, it’s too early to know whether the project will come together as fans want it to. Shonda Rhimes shared her thoughts on Princess Diaries 3 possibly happening with these words: 

I had some conversations with them about it. I think it would be lovely to see that happen. I have no time to be involved and I'm exclusive to Netflix. But I think that the idea of telling that story forward would be great.

Have you rewatched Princess Diaries 2 lately? It’s a very strong sequel and Anne Hathaway romantic comedy, so we’re not surprised that such a huge talent is behind the title. During an interview with Today, Shonda Rhimes confirmed that if there’s going to be a future for Mia Thermopolis, it won’t be from her due to her busy schedule and contract with Netflix. However, she was very much excited about the idea of a sequel happening. She also said this: 

Julie Andrews was amazing. That's why I loved the chance to write dialogue that she said. And then to have that happen on ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘Queen Charlotte’ as well was amazing. So it's kind of a full-circle thing for me. But, yeah, I would love to see Anne [Hathaway] do that again.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

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Directed By: Garry Marshall
Written By: Shonda Rhimes
Starring: Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Chris Pine, Hector Elizondo, John Rhys-Davies, Hector Elizondo, Callum Blue
Runtime: 113 minutes 
Where To Stream: Disney+ subscription

Another Princess Diaries sequel has long been a subject of conversation and was previously being developed before the death of the franchise’s director Garry Marshall in 2016. When Hathaway was most recently asked about reprising the role of Mia Thermopolis, she said that she was thrilled to “see the level of excitement” for it, and it was a “process that requires patience.” Chris Pine shared he was “here for it,” he is just waiting for a phone call or email about a project. 

Julie Andrews, on the other hand, has shared that she thinks now “would be too late” for her to return to the role. The 87-year-old actress has greatly retired from acting. However, as Rhimes alluded to in her recent interview, Andrews is among the Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story cast as the narrator, as she has also been for the main Bridgerton series as well. 

Time will tell what comes of Princess Diaries 3. Until then, you can stream Rhimes' latest series, Queen Charlotte, on Netflix. 

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