Priscilla Presley And Bam Margera’s Friendship Was Seemingly Short-Lived, After She Claims He Was Lying About Elvis Gifts

Bam Margera and Priscilla Presley in separate interviews
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Bam Margera is used to having his name in the headlines for getting in trouble. As the former Jackass performer has had several brushes with the law and rehab. Priscilla Presley has had her name back in the news recently following the death of her daughter Lisa Marie and a subsequent legal challenge she has filed regarding the will. Perhaps it was this shared understanding that led the two to apparently become friends. Unfortunately it apparently didn’t last too long.

Last week pictures surfaced of an unlikely pair of fast friends in Priscilla Presley and Bam Margera. Margera is apparently friends with Presley’s son Navarone Garcia, which likely is what led to Priscilla and Bam hanging out together. But whatever friendship the pair might have struck up is over, as Presley is now claiming that Margera lied, claiming he received gifts from Priscilla that had once belonged to Elvis.

Margera has now posted an apology to Instagram, where he apparently admits the ring and robe did not come from Priscilla. However, he seems to maintain that the items are genuine, and simply now states that they came from his friend Navronne, not his mother. Bam says he plans to give the robe to his father who was a big fan of Elvis.

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However, Priscilla Presley rejects this claim as well. According to TMZ, Priscilla claims that the items never belonged to Elvis, and that the ring was something Bam already owned. Presley says she had no idea who Bam was when her son invited him over, but now both she and her son are cutting ties with him completely.

The whole situation is obviously somewhat bizarre. If Presley is correct and Bam’s claims are not true then one wonders what he gets out of making the false claims. If the items did once belong to Elvis, then the question becomes how he came by them, since it seems nobody is claiming they gave them to Bam.

This incident becomes the newest bump in the road for Bam Margera as he attempts to get things back on track following the end of his career with the Jackass crew. Margera didn’t appear in the most recent film, Jackass Forever, a fact which he ultimately sued over, claiming that he was unfairly forced out. He then spent some time in court ordered rehab, which Bam left multiple times.

Priscilla Presley is now dealing with own very public legal issues. She has filed paperwork contesting the will of her daughter Lisa Marie Presley, who passed away last month. Atr issue is a document from 2016 that names Lisa Marie’s children as trustees of her estate. Priscilla had previously been one of the trustees and she has raised questions regarding the veracity of the signature on the document.

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