Rebel Wilson's Girlfriend Opens Up About Complications Of Dating A Celebrity, And Why It Scares Her At Times

Rebel Wilson back to school in Senior Year
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Rebel Wilson has had a massive 2022, between starring in her first new movie in years, falling in love with girlfriend Ramona Agruma, sharing it with the world and, as of this month, announcing they’ve had a daughter together via surrogate. Amidst all these life blessings, the couple have become a Hollywood couple, which comes with some… complications. Agruma, who is a fashion designer, recently spoke about what it’s really like to date her celebrity GF. 

In early June, Rebel Wilson surprised the public when she shared a photo of her alongside Ramona Agruma, declaring that she'd been “searching for a Disney Prince,” but what she really needed all this time was a “Disney Princess” with the designer. As we later learned, the post was in response to pressure from a Sydney Morning Herald reporter threatening to out her if she didn’t do so herself. Following the whirlwind the couple has undergone since becoming public, Agruma shared her thoughts:

It was shocking at the beginning and hard because I'm not used to so much attention. I'm more private, more homebody… So, it was a little bit scary in the beginning, but we still try to keep our lives private. Obviously, you can't always escape the paparazzi.

Ramona Agruma and Rebel Wilson live together in Los Angeles, which is paparazzi central. Many celebs like Matthew McConaughey and Ana de Armas have left Hollywood for other homes to get more privacy. During an interview with Australia’s Morning Show On 7, Agruma also spoke to her experience with the paparazzi, saying this: 

You just get photographed wherever you go. Sometimes it happens on the hiking trail, sometimes looking horrible and going to the grocery store or grabbing protein shake. I guess I'm just not paying attention to that anymore.

It cannot be easy to lose your sense of privacy as Rebel Wilson has at a greater scale lately, and her girlfriend Ramona Agruma has been exposed to this for the first time on a large scale. At the same time, Agruma shared that she’s “not paying attention” to all the media coverage and focusing on what matters. Besides, the designer can gain more attention for her loungewear range Lemon ve Limon. 

Agruma and Wilson recently collaborated on her brand too with an “R&R” line that is a play on both their names starting with “R” and the “rest and relaxation” phrase. In the couple’s most recent social media post together, they posed in their shared loungewear line. 

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Most recently, engagement rumors went awry for the couple. However, Rebel Wilson smashed them while they were at Disneyland. The couple have reportedly been together for seven months, but they're clearly serious about one another whether or not there are rings on their fingers. As the pair continues to brush off all the public attention and thrive together, you can check out Rebel Wilson’s latest movie, Senior Year, with a Netflix subscription

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