Rebel Wilson And Her Girlfriend Went To Disneyland And Cleared Up A Misconception About Their Relationship

Rebel Wilson in Senior Year.
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These past few years have resulted in some major growth for actress and TV personality Rebel Wilson. In 2021, she initiated a “year of health,” and ultimately lost a total of 70 lbs. in the process. The actress also came out earlier this year and, during that time, Wilson also went public with her girlfriend, fashion designer Ramona Argruma. The two seem to be very much in love, based on the sweet posts present on their social media accounts. While there have been a few rumors floating around the couple, they did take the time to address one recent misconception – and did so during a trip to Disneyland.

As of late, reports have suggested that Rebel Wilson and Ramona Argruma are engaged. An insider for Page Six alleged that the two expressed excitement about the alleged development at the Casamigos Halloween party. However, it seems that reports of their engagement have been greatly exaggerated. Wilson posted a video to her Instagram stories this weekend, which shows her and Argruma living it up at Disneyland. The Cats alum also included a caption that directly addressed the rumor: 

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Argruma at Disneyland

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I’d say that’s a pretty clear message. Nevertheless, it’s clear that she and her girlfriend appreciate the love that people showed in the aftermath of the report. At this point in time, the two have reportedly only been dating for roughly seven months. Many people do choose to tie the knot after only a short dating stint, mind you, but it seems the stans are just going to have to wait for the Jojo Rabbit star to put a ring on her lady’s finger. 

Rebel Wilson came out amid Pride Month in June by posting a sweet photo of her and Ramona Argruma to Instagram. In the caption, the actress mused that she thought she was “searching for a Disney prince.” But as she put it, what she “really needed all this time was a Disney princess.” The post drew a lot of love from fans and celebrities alike, including Pitch Perfect’s Skyler Astin. Unfortunately, there was some conflict in regard to the actress’ decision to reveal her sexuality and relationship status. 

After the star went public, a journalist claimed that their publication, the Sydney Morning Herald, was going to out her, allegedly prompting the Australia native to reveal the news on her own terms. Later on, an editor for the outlet attempted to clear things up, saying that the company hadn’t “outed” her but only asked fair questions about her partner. He also stated that the outlet hadn’t made a concrete decision regarding whether it would publish the story.

That controversy aside, Rebel Wilson has simply been soaking in the love she’s received via the web. As evidenced by the Disneyland-centric post, she and Ramona Argruma have been enjoying some exciting trips. Earlier this year, both Wilson shared some sweet vacation pics from their visit to Italy. We’ll just have to wait and see if or when the couple decides to exchange rings but, in the meantime, fans can enjoy their sweet social media posts.

Rebel Wilson’s latest film, Senior Year (which is part of the 2022 list of new movie releases) is available to stream using a Netflix subscription.

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