Regina Hall Is Happy To Refute The Rumors About Her And Chadwick Boseman That Ran Around The Internet

Regina Hall and Chadwick Boseman side by side
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Most audiences know Regina Hall as the actress who makes you think laugh, think, and cry in the same performance. Like many actors of her generation, Hall has been very private about her love life. Being so private about her relationships has led to speculation over whom she has and hasn’t dated since her breakthrough role in The Best Man. While the Honk For Jesus. Dave Your Soul star doesn’t usually comment on her personal life, she made an exception to refute internet rumors that she and Chadwick Boseman dated at one time.

The Hollywood actress chose to speak about the rumor while being interviewed on The Breakfast Club. The conversation started with Regina Hall addressing how she’s managed to keep her love life private despite being a public figure for over two decades. Hall revealed keeping her intimate life to herself came “natural” to her. The Scary Movie alum admitted there have been some nasty rumors spread about her love life over the years. She took the opportunity to address one persistent rumor that has followed her. Hall brought up the speculation surrounding her and Chadwick Boseman.

I don’t even address stuff, especially dating stuff I don’t address it, but there’s one that I would clear up, and I only clear it up because it was untrue and because he’s not here and that was like Chadwick Boseman.

While being linked to the Black Panther star might’ve been a major cue for some actresses, Hall was bothered by the speculation surrounding them. As Hall mentioned, she’s a very private person outside of her film and TV work. So having others spread false rumors about her dating life made her uncomfortable. Around the same time, Boseman was attached to his fiancée (and eventual wife) Taylor Ledward. The rumor didn’t paint the comedic actress in the best light.

The Girls Trip star revealed the rumor stemmed from a casual run between the two actors at a Vanity Fair party. In addressing the rumor, Regina Hall also pointed out Boseman’s wife was in the photos that started the online chatter.

I ran into him at a Vanity Fair party and people assumed we dated, and his fiancée was right behind us, and they got married. They’re married and he was never inappropriate.

Hall’s statement cleared up any misleading information regarding her and Boseman’s friendship. Her final words spoke to the person many figures in Hollywood have painted of him since his passing. Boseman appeared to be a faithful man who only had eyes for his wife.

After Regina Hall’s reassuring words, it appears Chadwick Boseman’s legacy continues to live on. His legacy will be on full display as moviegoers wait to see how Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will handle T’Challa’s absence. Fans already know some information about Wakanda Forever, including the debut of longtime Marvel antihero Namor. Fans will finally get to see who takes up the Panther mantle when the sequel drops on November 11, 2022.

2022 has been a busy one for Regina Hall from witnessing the Will Smith slap drama as an Oscar co-host alongside Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer to headlining multiple movies, including Netflix’s Me Time, which has been trending on Netflix. Maybe Girls Trip 2 could be her next project despite Hall bursting their bubble about the sequel's current status. Right now, audiences can see Hall and co-star Sterling K. Brown play a troubled megachurch couple in Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. The mockumentary is currently in movie theaters. There are more upcoming movies hitting theaters later this year.

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