As Kevin Hart’s Me Time Trends At #1, He Shared Some Major Praise For Netflix

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Me Time
(Image credit: Netflix)

If you somehow haven’t noticed, Kevin Hart has been lighting it up lately on Netflix with all sorts of originals he has starred in and produced. In early 2021, the the comedian signed a major deal with the streaming service, and ever since it’s been common to see his projects trending on Netflix. As his latest big hit, Me Time, remains the No. 1 trending movie, Hart is showing a lot of love to the streaming studio. 

In a post on Instagram, Kevin Hart featured a picture of five of his Netflix originals that have come out between 2017 and this past week: The Upside, Fatherhood, True Story, The Man From Toronto and Me Time. Here was his message:  

Major thank you to [Netflix] for their support and love on all of these projects….I also want to thank all of my producing partners and writers on all of these projects….it’s about progress….at Hartbeat we want to provide the world with some amazing feel good/relatable material. I’m so proud of my team of execs and creatives at Hartbeat.

Aside from The Upside, the other projects mentioned above have premiered right to Netflix between early 2021 and Me Time’s recent release. It’s a major accomplishment for Hart to have worked on all these movies both behind the scenes and as the leading actor, and he gave some major credit to Netflix for its support. He also said this: 

I swear we are just getting started. We have more heat coming your way soon!!!!! Let’s fucking gooooooo…..I want more so I plan on doing more….wait until u see the change up in these next two films. Y’all aren’t going to know what the fuck hit you…..stay tuned.

As Kevin Hart shared, there are a lot more movies coming for fans of the comedian. He teased that the next two in particular have a “change up” that fans are not going to expect. Now Hart is working on a ton of projects, so we’re not entirely sure which he’s talking about exactly, but we can certainly guess his work with Fate of the Furious director on Lift may be one of them considering it reportedly finished filming after Hart posted photos while on the production in Italy

Despite Me Time’s trending status since its release nearly two weeks ago, the movie earned brutal reviews, collectively having a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics side and a 31% from audiences. Those numbers make Me Time Kevin Hart’s worst critically received movie thus far, which isn’t exactly worth celebrating on its own. Perhaps Hart is trying to offset the negativity from Me Time and look at the big picture and coming future. 

Kevin Hart isn’t only working with Netflix in the foreseeable future though. He shot the film adaptation of the video game Borderlands, but that Lionsgate movie doesn't have a release date yet. He’ll also be in a movie called Back On The Strip alongside Tiffany Haddish and Wesley Snipes, coming this November. Hart’s future is clearly bright, but while you wait, there’s a selection of his movies available to stream with a Netflix subscription

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