Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively: A History Of Their Relationship

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When it comes to celebrity relationships, what are some of the ones that pop up for you? Could it be ones that have come and gone? Or maybe some of the most iconic ones, like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn? Truly, there have been so many couples out there that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of how they met, how long they’ve been together, and if they’re still together or not. 

But thankfully, that isn’t the case when it comes to the topic of this article today, the legendary Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. This celebrity couple that has captured the hearts of fans has shown just how much they love each other on a regular basis - even ripping on each other on Twitter and Instagram pretty consistently. But for those who’d like to know the story behind their romance, here is the complete timeline of what we know about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ relationship.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern.

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Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Met On The Set Of Green Lantern In 2010 

Every relationship starts out somewhere, and as far as we know, this one began as a friendship while working on the movie, Green Lantern, where Ryan Reynolds was the star and Blake Lively, his co-star. 

While the film itself was ill-fated, to say the least, that movie changed their lives, as it gave them the chance to work together. At the time, the two were seeing completely different people - Blake Lively was dating her Gossip Girl co-star, Penn Badgley, around the time, and Reynolds was married to the talented Scarlett Johansson, but both relationships would come to an end not that long after. 

Green Lantern Premiere 2011

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The Couple Were Reportedly Dating As Of October 2011

Rumors had sparked for some time that these two were together. In October 2011, People reported that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were celebrating Reynolds' birthday weekend together. 

The source told People Magazine that “they are very much a couple. They’re really happy together.” However, as we’ll get into later, this most certainly was not their first date.

Blake and Ryan totally in love Free Guy premiere 2021

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The Couple Married In September 2012

Do you hear wedding bells? Because they certainly did in September 2012, when both Lively and Reynolds tied the knot less than a year after their relationship went public. According to E News, the two married at a secret ceremony at Boone Hall Plantation down in South Carolina. 

The subject of their wedding and where it took place would come in 2020, when the couple made a $200,000 donation to the NAACP, according to Newsweek, and apologized for having their wedding on a plantation, via a note on Blake Lively’s Instagram account. 

We're ashamed that in the past we've allowed ourselves to be uninformed about how deeply rooted systemic racism is. We've been teaching our children differently than the way our parents taught us. We want to educate ourselves about other people's experiences and talk to our kids about everything.

It Was Announced They Were Expecting Their First Child In October 2014 

Two years after marrying, both were busy working in the movie and TV industry. Lively was working on one of her best films, The Age of Adaline, while Reynolds had just released a few new movies like The Croods and R.I.P.D. However, their world changed in a major way when they announced that they were expecting their first child. 

In a post written by Lively via People, she confirmed the news in October 2014, sharing her excitement for the future. 

With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all, to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; the creation of the family.

Knowing how much Ryan Reynolds loves his children and how often he talks about them and his wife, it’s always fun to take a step back in time and see where it all started when this announcement was made.

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Their First Child Was Born In December 2014

While the announcement of their first child only came in October 2014, their baby arrived two months later. It was reported by Page Six that the couple welcomed their new baby just before the new year, but a year later, it was confirmed by Reynolds himself the exact date of their daughter, James' birthday when he wished her a happy one on his Twitter page on December 16, 2015. 

Ryan Reynolds Walk of Fame Baby

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Their Second Child Arrived In September 2016

At this point in the actors' lives, each had delivered some awesome movies. Ryan Reynolds just dropped the first Deadpool movie in February 2016, becoming a massive hit and spawning a sequel - as well as an upcoming third film too. Lively had The Age of Adaline released in 2015, as well as the horror film, The Shallows in 2016. But it was time to add another addition to the family - their second child. 

In September 2016, their second little girl was born, according to Page Six, further expanding their family and growing it bit by bit. Lively’s bestie, Taylor Swift, even visited her to see the family that day in the hospital, showing just how happy everyone was to see the Reynolds-Lively family grow. We would later find out that her name is Inez. 

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Walk of Fame With Kids

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The Family Attended Ryan Reynolds Walk Of Fame Ceremony In December 2016 

I think we can all collectively agree that Ryan Reynolds has been in some awesome movies, from Deadpool to The Proposal to Safe House, he’s shown that he's a great actor, and has continued to do so now with big roles in films like Netflix’s Red Notice and The Adam Project. 

However, back in 2016, he was already recognized for his talent, as he was awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a ceremony that both he and Lively, alongside their two adorable daughters, attended, according to People.

According to the article from People, Reynolds thanked his wife during his speech at the ceremony, saying she was “everything” to him. 

You are the best thing, the best thing that has ever happened to me - second only to this star. You make everything better, absolutely everything in my life better. You’ve made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential.

Talk about a heart-strings puller. 

Blake Lively showing off her baby bump in a yellow dress at the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu premiere.

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In May 2019 We Learned That Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Were Expecting Their Third Child

Did somebody say a third child? Because that’s what Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were heading towards in May 2019.

Via People, the couple made the announcement that they were expecting again when she attended the red carpet for the video game film, Detective Pikachu, where Reynolds starred. She wore a bright yellow dress (very reminiscent of the iconic character from the Pokemon anime), sporting a beautiful bump. 

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Their Third Child Arrived In October 2019

Not that long after the Detective Pikachu premiere, it was confirmed by People that their third baby arrived. A few weeks later, Reynolds subtly revealed that the sex of his third baby was a girl in a post he put up on Twitter encouraging Canadians (since he is from Canada) to vote. 

Blake and Ryan 2021 Date Night (With Masks)

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The Couple Celebrated Their Ten Year Date-Aversary In July 2021

Two years have gone by and these two still seemed just as in-love as ever, and to prove it, they took to Instagram to share a very special date with everyone - their ten-year first date-aversary. While it was only confirmed they were dating in September 2011, they actually had their first date in July 2011 - and now, ten years later, they decided to celebrate it on Saturday, July 31, 2021.

Lively wrote about the date on her Instagram story, via E News, sharing the sentimentality of the date. 

10 years later. We still go out on our ‘first date.’ But in much more comfortable shoes.

Blake and Ryan at the Met Gala 2022

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Ryan And Blake Rocked The Met Gala Together As Co-Chairs In May 2022

The latest in a string of amazing moments from this adorable couple was the 2022 Met Gala. While there were plenty of awesome looks, nothing quite stunned us like Blake Lively’s amazing dress - and the way in which her husband, Reynolds, stared at her, clearly in amazement of her beauty. 

The two of them were actually signed on as co-chairs of the famous event, according to Insider, so it’s not surprising that they decided to go all out. Lively herself has consistently given some amazing looks at these events, so seeing her rock it as a co-chair alongside her husband, who was also all dressed up, is just amazing. 

While I’m sure that these two are only going to continue to be the literal cutest couple in Hollywood to date, these are some of the best moments that sum up how amazing they are and how incredible their relationship is. Here’s to this cute couple and to many more years together, because let’s be honest, we would all be really sad if we didn’t get to see these two playfully rip at each other on social media. 

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