Ryan Reynolds May Be On An Acting Break, But He Still Had Time To Celebrate Deadpool's 6th Anniversary

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool
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Ryan Reynolds is coming off one hell of year that included three big movies, with Red Notice ending 2021 by surpassing all streaming expectations. With such an awesome year under his belt, Reynolds is stepping back from acting and taking a well-deserved break. That’s not stopping him from shining a light on his beloved Deadpool, though. On the 6th anniversary of the superhero movie's release, the star has taken the time to celebrate it with a tribute.

Ryan Reynolds is typically quite the sass master on social media, but he was all respect when acknowledging Deadpool’s anniversary on his Instagram. Hopefully, he goes all out for his and Blake Lively's anniversary, because he certainly has shown some love for this one. He shared a number of photos, both movie stills and behind-the-scenes shots from the set. You can check out the nostalgic string of photos in the post below:

While we’re still waiting for Deadpool 3, throwbacks from the first film, courtesy of the lead star himself, are certainly welcomed sights. Fans in the comment section of the post seem to agree, although some are disappointed about the lack of butt pics. Others are shocked that it’s already been 6 years since the the critically acclaimed action flick fans know and love first graced us with its presence.

While fans are feeling the cockles of their hearts warming from the throwback pics, a lot of the comments on Ryan Reynolds’ post inquire about when the public can expect the third installment to come out. Many are especially concerned since Reynolds has made it clear his acting break will be a somewhat lengthy one. While news of Deadpool 3 has been somewhat scarce as of late, it doesn’t sound like fans of the franchise have much to worry about. Ryan Reynolds, despite taking a sabbatical from acting, has said he is still plugging away at the third film.

The X-Men-adjacent franchise has become quite the fan favorite, and the star himself has a lot to do with that. Fans have come to liken the actor to the character, and it’s kind of hard to tell where the man ends and the antihero begins at this point. Given his winning performance and dedication to the comic book property, it's no wonder the franchise has been so successful.

Though Ryan Reynolds is on a break, you will see him back in movies soon, as he has a number of projects already filmed that are due to come out this year. You can check out The Adam Project on March 11th as long as you’ve got a Netflix subscription, and this holiday season will bring Reynolds uncomfortably close to Will Ferrell in Spirited. While they may not be Deadpool 3, it looks like we’ve got plenty of Reynolds to keep us company this year, and these anniversary pics simply make things sweeter.

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