Scream’s Ghostface Has Joined TikTok, And Drew Barrymore And David Arquette Are In

Drew Barrymore in Scream
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We’re in the midst of October or, as many of us call it, spooky season. It’s a time many moviegoers watch their favorite horror movie, including Wes Craven’s iconic franchise Scream. The villainous Ghostface recently joined TikTok, and both Drew Barrymore and David Arquette are all in.

Ghostface is a mantle used by a total of seven killers throughout the first four Scream movies. This company will expand with the upcoming sequel, and the marketing for the highly anticipated slasher is really picking up. Now Ghostface’s voice is available on TikTok’s text to speech voice, so bring on the content. Dewey Riley himself David Arquette helped to make this announcement, check it out below:


looking for some screams? tell all your ##scarystories using the new Ghostface text to speech voice @davidarquette

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How fun is that? While we’ll have to wait a few more months to see David Arquette’s performance in the new Scream, videos like this are sure to please the generations of fans out there. And now we can all use Ghostface’s terrifying voice while on TikTok.

The above video comes to us from TikTok’s official account, where it was revealed that Ghostface is now available in text to speech. After David Arquette asks our favorite movie, Scream’s mascot and villain takes over and raises the stakes. It’s a fun preview of what’s to come in the new sequel; hopefully Dewey will make it out alive.

Of course, David Arquette wasn’t the only Scream OG who tried out the Ghostface voice over on TikTok. The always delightful Drew Barrymore also made her own video from the set of The Drew Barrymore Show. Check it out below, including some A+ references to her character Casey Becker.


@davidarquette 👋 See the new #ScreamMovie - Only in theaters January 14, 2022 #ScaryStories

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs - Skittlegirl Sound

Drew Barrymore continues to have a great sense of humor about her iconic performance in the opening sequence of Scream. Casey’s fateful phone call is one many of us can quote word-for-word, and Barrymore was sure to pepper in some references to Casey and Steve in this TikTok. And with Scream quickly approaching theaters this winter, smart money says this won’t be Barrymore’s last return to Woodsboro.

The marketing for the new Scream movie is currently in full swing, including the long-awaited release of the first trailer. Some lucky fans will also get to stay in Stu’s house in a dream horror Airbnb. Fans can’t wait for the beloved slasher to return to theaters, especially since the trio of original heroes are returning: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. We’ll just have to wait and see if they all survive this new sequel. Also returning is Marley Shelton from Scream 4 as Judy Hicks. 

Scream is currently expected to arrive in theaters on January 14th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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