Some Kids Asked Ryan Reynolds About His ‘Feud’ With Hugh Jackman. He Hilariously Joked It Has To Do With Greatest Showman

While most people interested in celebrity relationships are focused on people who are dating, for my money this is no greater celebrity couple than Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The two have built their friendship on publicly acting like they can’t stand each other. Ryan Reynolds is now continuing the battle by going after Jackman, and his popular film The Greatest Showman, by acting like the two things are one in the same.

While promoting his own new movie The Adam Project, Ryan Reynolds spoke with Yahoo, or more specifically, spoke with a couple of the kids of an interviewer at Yahoo. One of them asked Reynolds why he was so mean to The Greatest Showman, and while she was asking why he liked to pick on the movie, Reynolds pretended like she was referring to Jackman, by a name he now asks people to call him. Reynolds went off…

These are the kinds of questions that I like. I know for a fact he’s the one who named that movie. Why not just call the movie ‘Super Awesome Hugh Jackman?’ I think it’s pathetic and disgusting that he called the movie that. And I think it’s pathetic and disgusting that he insists people call him ‘The Greatest Showman’ everywhere he goes. Including you! Just young, impressionable kids. Goodness gracious.

While it’s all part of the joke, it feels like projection when Ryan Reynolds hears a kid ask why he’s mean to The Greatest Showman and assumes she’s talking about Hugh Jackman the man and not the movie. It’s certainly true that a lot of the jokes that Reynolds has thrown Jackman’s way were specifically in response to that movie, so if you look at it from a certain perspective it looks like Reynolds’ false animosity could be focused on the film. 

Reynolds once used music from The Greatest Showman in a TikTok video poking fun at Jackman. Reynolds had made custom socks with the actor’s face on them for Jackman’s birthday. The Greatest Showman was an insanely popular movie when it came out, which likely made it an easy target for Ryan Reynolds. It’s a reference everybody would get. The music was everywhere for a while. It was one of those pop culture things you knew about even if you never saw the movie. 

Maybe Ryan Reynolds just likes to poke fun at Jackman’s work on musicals. The Music Man, the Broadway show where Hugh Jackman is currently appearing, has been the focus of a lot of Reynolds’ jokes in recent months as well. While the relationship is based on these two disliking each other, we know the opposite is the truth, which is what makes it all so much fun. Still, I’d love to see what Hugh Jackman says about Reynolds in front of children.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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