Jimmy John's Employee Secretly Captures Coworker Belting Out The Greatest Showman's 'Never Enough' And Give Her A Raise

Rebecca Ferguson as Jenny Lind in The Greatest Showman

Movie musicals tend to survive the test of time based on the strength of their soundtrack. Whatever the quality of the actual movie, if the music works, it will survive. And there is clearly something about the music in The Greatest Showman which strikes a chord, quite literally, with a lot of people. It's even huge with employees at sandwich shops, and it turns out some of them can really sing. A video is going around showing a woman who stopped closing down a Jimmy Johns to belt out "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman, and she has a voice.

Any fan of The Greatest Showman, or just good singing, is going to want to check out the latest viral video which includes a woman named Taylor Fussell singing her heart out while closing down the Jimmy John's where she works for the night. The clip appears to be taken without her noticing, which is part of why it's actually so brilliant. You might think it's just the actual Greatest Showman soundtrack at first, but it becomes clear the woman in the video is the one belting out the lyrics. Check it out.

In The Greatest Showman, the song "Never Enough" is performed on stage twice by the character of Jenny Lind, played by Rebecca Ferguson. However, Ferguson is the one actor in the film who doesn't sing her own song. Loren Allred is the actual vocalist you hear in the movie, perhaps because "Never Enough" is probably the most vocally challenging song in the movie. But Taylor Fussell is making it look easy.

The video is actually from 2019, and it went viral back then. But it seems that a lot of people missed the video the first time around and so now it's received a second life. Taylor Fussell started her own YouTube channel following the initial interest the video received, and she's continued to post songs to it since, many of them recorded after hours at Jimmy Johns, though this time with her knowledge.

In the first video on the page she confirms that she did not know she was being recorded, and disputes claims that were made that the entire thing was staged. In the end I'm not even sure it matters if the video was staged. The performance is real and that's what ultimately matters; the rest is just window dressing.

The Greatest Showman is a rare movie not only in that it was a big musical, but because it was a massive box office success that never actually hit number one domestically. It spent months in the top 10 bringing in the ticket sales week after week in a way that few movies ever have. It was so successful that, there has even been talk of a sequel. And considering that the original movie wasn't exactly historically accurate, there's no reason they couldn't make one.

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