Start Your Weekend Right With This Utterly Adorable Look At Chris Evans’ Pup

Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen in The Gray Man
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There’s nothing like seeing a grown man attached to his pup. Especially one as adorable as Chris Evans’ dog, Dodger. And how can you not be attached to dogs? All they have to do is look in your eyes and you can’t help but want to feed, play, pet, or rub your dog’s belly. Want to know how to start your weekend right? Take a good look at Chris Evans’ pup.

The Captain America star’s Instagram page is loaded with photos of his dog. He’s just naturally photogenic. Whether he’s squished between pillows, his head is in between the stair banisters, or he poses with his owner, you can never get tired of looking at this dog. The cutest photo has to be the latest one Evans posted on his Instagram story of Dodger looking right at the camera with his chin laying on the bed. Take a look below.

Chris Evans' dog Dodger

(Image credit: Instagram)

Chris Evans first adopted Dodger when he was in the middle of filming his movie Gifted back in 2017. You may assume this mixed-breed boxer got his name based on the Dodger Dogs sold at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. In reality, Dodger is actually named after the Billy Joel character from Oliver & Company. That was the first name that came to mind as soon as he saw this adorable canine at the shelter. With a name like that, I wonder if he steals food like the character too.

Having a dog can lead to a number of memorable adventures. There was the time when he tried to groom Dodger which ended up being an epic fail. Luckily, dogs don’t care about the way they look. There was also the time when he sewed together one of his dog’s toys after he was recovering from hip surgery. It’s a comfort to know that Chris Evans is a real-life hero to his noble puppy. The budding pair have also kept each other company during the quarantine period of the pandemic. His best advice for those going through self-isolation was to simply adopt a dog. This really is sound advice as dogs are the most loyal creatures who will never make you feel alone. 

Outside of taking care of his lovable pet, you can see him kicking ass in Netflix’s The Gray Man coming to your Netflix subscription on July 22nd. He’ll be playing a psychopath leading a manhunt for a CIA black ops mercenary on the run. You can also hear his voice as he plays the inspiration for the Buzz Lightyear toy line in Lightyear in theaters now. The 41-year-old actor might also be busy if he reprises his role as Captain America in the near future. No matter how many film projects Chris Evans has under his belt, a dog enthusiast will always make time for his faithful companion.

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