Chris Evans Learned To Sew Up His Doggo's Toys When He Underwent Surgery And Yes It's Adorable

Chris Evans in Knives Out

If you needed another reason to love Chris Evans, we’ve got one for you. The Captain America actor has a boxer mix named Dodger and the two are quite the pair. Dodger recently had surgery, and to cheer the sick pup up, Chris Evans learned how to sew and fixed one of his doggo's stuffed animals. The two are cuddling together post surgery thanks to the Marvel star, and it’s pretty adorable.

Didn’t know Chris Evans was a dog dad? You must not follow his Instagram then, because it’s flooded with pictures of his furry friend Dodger. Evans’ latest slew of pics featuring his pup have to do with the hip surgery he recently underwent, during which he sewed a torn up stuffed lion back together so it was ready to comfort Dodger post surgery. You can check out the pictures for yourself here:

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There may not be anything more comforting than the fact that Dodger has Captain America caring for him, because that adorable pup needs protected at all costs. These amazing pictures coupled with Chris Evans’ just plain good nature, makes us pretty sure he would lay down his life for his puppy, and honestly we would too. I mean, just look at that little face.

Chris Evans famously takes dogs very seriously. He’s got a tattoo in honor of his pup and even almost turned the role of Captain America down out of concern he wouldn’t be able to comfortably walk his dog anymore without being approached. That’s some dedication. Thankfully though (thanks to Mama Evans), he did take on the role of Captain America, which is absolutely perfect for him.

Even though his time as Cap has probably come to an end, it’s kind of a new beginning for the Marvel star. He’s held a major role for around a decade and now can more freely spread his wings. And he’s doing just that, as Evans has a number of projects coming up.

Chris Evans is once again teaming up with Captain America directors the Russo Brothers in The Gray Man, but he’ll be playing a much different role than we are used to seeing from him lately. Not to worry though, because we’ll get more heroics from Evans in his new titular role in the Toy Story spin-off Lightyear. Honestly it’s hard to imagine anyone else as Buzz Lightyear now that Evans is set to voice the space voyager.

Even though Chris Evans has a lot of big projects coming up, we can pretty much rest easy in knowing his pup Dodger will remain a priority. We don’t foresee there being a lack of Dodger updates on Evans’ social media anytime soon either. Is it possible to be jealous of a dog? Because I think I am.

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