Netflix’s The Gray Man Trailer Sees Chris Evans Kicking Ass And Making Ryan Gosling's Life A Living, Destructive Nightmare

As theatrical releases start to move back to more normal levels of prominence, it’s now even more important to keep track of the competition from the 2022 Netflix movie schedule. While the streaming giant is still mostly debuting its films through its own platform, there’s still some features big enough to get a theatrical window. The Russo Brothers’ adaptation of author Mark Greaney’s The Gray Man is one such movie, and after seeing Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans acting like psychos fueled by adrenaline and/or spite, I can definitely see why.

The wait is finally over, as Netflix has released our first full look at this hotly anticipated potential franchise starter. Pulling from Greaney’s ongoing literary series, The Gray Man introduces the movie world to Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling): a CIA operative who’s discovered secrets so dangerous, it puts a price on his head. That price comes from former co-worker/full time psychopath Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), the man who is at the forefront of taking out Gentry at all costs.  

Of course, that isn't to say that Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling don't get to have some verbal sparring fun. The Russo Brothers are the team that, along with writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, made movies like Avengers: Endgame chock full of witty lines in-between major action sequences. The Gray Man is more of that magic, as Joe Russo co-writes with that team this time out. One can tell, especially with that up close and personal argument between our major players ending with a grenade between ex-friends. 

Having previously gotten some badass looks at Gosling and Evans, as well as Gray Man co-stars Regé-Jean Page and Ana de Armas, this movie already looked stylish. Now, having seen other prestigious cast members like Billy Bob Thornton and Alfre Woodard in play as well, this is shaping up to be even more of a can't miss summer blockbuster. 

Just as his character looks like he’s having fun making Ryan Gosling's life a living hell, Chris Evans is absolutely having fun playing the villain in The Gray Man. It explains why The Russo Brothers had no problems recruiting Evans to play the man they’ve dubbed “America’s Asshole.” As he spouts dialogue as sharp as his mustache, it's going to be hard to keep him from stealing the whole movie; as usual.

As movies like The Gray Man continue to debut, Netflix subscribers are going to benefit wildly from keeping their memberships up to date. Especially when such ballsy tactics are in play to save the world from whatever secrets Ryan Gosling has uncovered.

The Gray Man barrels into limited theatrical release on July 15th, before debuting on Netflix’s streaming library starting July 22nd. Should you be curious what other Netflix titles are also headed to a theater near you, the upcoming movies listing might help answer that specific question. Fans of Mark Greaney’s series of source material should also be on the lookout for the latest Gray Man novel, Sierra Six, which is currently available wherever you purchase your reading materials.

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