Sylvester Stallone Had The Perfect Response To Adorable Video Of Baby Crawling Across Rambo Blanket

Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo in First Blood
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One thing that’s incredibly clear about Sylvester Stallone is that he loves connecting with his fans. Whether it be through live events or social media, the 75-year-old actor seems to truly appreciate his supporters. His viral interactions with them, in particular, can lead to some pretty sweet and funny moments. Just recently, the star was sent an adorable photo of a baby crawling across a blanket depicting First Blood’s John Rambo, and he shared and responded to it in the perfect way. 

In the clip, the adorable tyke had no problem maneuvering over the blanket, which features an image of John Rambo’s mugshot. Sylvester Stallone has certainly crossed paths with his fair share of talent over the years, but he seemed really pleased with the little one’s performance. With this, through his Instagram caption, he shared his gratitude for the nod and humorously pitched a future role for the baby: 

This is incredibly flattering. Also I think we just found the next star for the film CLIFFHANGER 2!!!! Thanks

That’s some serious praise and, given the way the toddler is moving, I’d say it’s warranted. I’d also give the little one extra points for moving through the blanket in such a cute way. You can check out the actor’s original post down below:

Many of the veteran actor’s social media activities involve the Rocky franchise. Last summer, he had a sweet encounter with some young fans for the storied film series, which he commemorated with a sweet video. He also thanked the public after his director’s cut of Rocky IV broke a theatrical record. He even recently trolled some with a potential casting for a Balboa reboot (one that I’m actually here for). Though he did once share a cool Cliffhanger pic on his Instagram account, it’s refreshing to see the movie get a mention.

Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger

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Directed by Renny Harlin and written by Michael France and Sylvester Stallone, Cliffhanger sees Stallone as a mountain climber who gets caught up in a heist of a U.S. Treasury plane. Though the movie had its share of critics, it's since become something of a favorite among fans. The movie also managed to score big at the box office when it originally opened back in 1993.

Talks of sequel persisted for quite some time, and the star was once set to reprise his role as Gabe Walker in a follow-up tentatively called The Dam. The project eventually fizzled out, though, and discussions of a remake eventually began. While the movie landed a writer in 2014, there’s since been no real movement on it. But who knows, maybe the baby in the video could indeed take on the role in a potential sequel. It's definitely a longshot but, hey, the producers have waited years at this point. I’m sure they could be patient a bit longer if they really wanted to pursue the movie.

As you wait for news on a potential sequel or remake (or more cute social media videos), check out Cliffhanger using a Netflix subscription.

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