Sylvester Stallone Uses Cool Cliffhanger Photo To Inspire People To Keep Exercising

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It's a safe bet that under the circumstances, most of us probably aren't getting as much exercise as we used to. Even if the amount that we used to get wasn't all that much, we're probably getting even less now as many of us are still dealing with some degree of isolation. Well, even if you don't have a personal trainer to help motivate, now we all have the next best thing, Sylvester Stallone telling us all to go get some exercise.

The actor, who is basically always in great shape unless he's in a role that requires otherwise, took to Instagram recently to try and motivate his followers to exercise, even though that may be the last thing on the minds of many. Along with the push to exercise he included an image of one potential way to do that. How about a little rock climbing, Cliffhanger style?

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When you think about it, the Cliffhanger image isn't that bad an idea. I mean, most of us probably don't have the necessary skill or even the opportunity for such a workout, but if you do, it's a great way to get some exercise in a way that will certainly allow for social distancing. How many people are you going to run in to on the side of a mountain? It's the perfect social distancing activity.

Exercise is probably the last thing that most of us are thinking about right now, but then that's why Sly wants to remind us to do it. If you're the kind of person who goes to the gym, then the odds are that hasn't been an option for several months. Certainly exercising around the house is possible, but who wants to do that. Of course, because we're all just sitting around the house, exercise is that much more important.

Sylvester Stallone has been keeping himself busy with more than just exercise in recent months. He's hosted a number of Q&A sessions on Instagram, where he's answered fan questions about his life and career. He promises another in the near future here/ If you're a Sylvester Stallone fan they are worth checking out. He's revealed quite a bit of information bout everything from Rambo to Rocky to Demolition Man. It's kept him busy since he can't be out making movies, which is another thing that helps keep him in shape he can't do.

We've seen some actors also try to motivate fans to keep fit during the global pandemic. Chris Hemsworth put together an at-home workout that anybody can do. He even has his own fitness app that has apparently done well in recent months, so a lot of people are doing their best not to let exercise get away from them.

So are you exercising?

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