Taron Egerton Gets Real About Those James Bond Casting Rumors

Taron Egerton as Eggsy in Kingsman: The Golden Circle
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There are popular movie franchises, and then there’s James Bond. Generations were brought up on 007’s adventures throughout the years, with various actors playing the leading role. Daniel Craig recently ended his tenure as Bond with No Time to Die, leading to fans wondering who might take on the mantle next. A number of names have been tossed around online, and actor Taron Egerton recently got real about those casting rumors

Taron Egerton proved his skill in action roles through the Kingsman franchise, which is why fans have put his name in the mix to play the next James Bond or the next Wolverine. The chatter has been going on for some time, leading Egerton to address both rumors. He recently spoke to Total Film about the 007 discourse, saying honestly: 

Yeah. I mean, I think they've already got someone, and it's not me. I mean, I've never been a part of the conversations. I've never met the Broccolis. They've never inquired about me. I've just never been one of the guys that they're looking at. I just don't think I'm the right person for that. I think there's much, much, much better candidates for that role than me. But, you know, I'd be a very willing audience member. They're brilliant films.

That was definitely honest. Taron Egerton didn’t mince his words when discussing the James Bond talk happening online. Because while fans want to see him take up the tux and martini, he hasn’t had any talks with the powers that be at Eon Productions like Barbara Broccoli. As such, the casting rumors remain just that. 

Taron Egerton’s comments come as he’s promoting his role in Apple TV’s series Black Bird. Eventually the conversation turned to those casting rumors, specifically the talk online about him taking Daniel Craig’s place as James Bond. And for his part, he doesn’t think he’s the right person to play that beloved role.

Despite Taron Egerton shutting down the rumors, smart money says the discourse surrounding him and James Bond will continue until a new actor officially lands the gig. Whoever it is will have some big shoes to fill, as Daniel Craig’s run as 007 was universally acclaimed, and saw the franchise lean into realism and serialized storytelling. No pressure.

Of course, Taron Egerton isn’t the only name that’s been floated around by fans to play James Bond. Indeed, folks are betting on other actors’ odds at any moment, including familiar faces like Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. If reports are true, then the latter actor might have actually had meetings with the studio about the role.

It’s currently unclear when the next James Bond movie will hit theaters. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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