Taron Egerton Reveals How Playing Elton John In Rocketman Inspired The Next Stage Of His Career

Taron Egerton in Rocketman
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It was no surprise that actor Taron Egerton was able to belt out Elton John for Rocketman. All you had to do was listen to his amazing rendition of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” for the animated film Sing and you were sold. But being part of an epic biopic about one of the most legendary performers can help you think about your own career. Egerton reveals how being part of the off-camera elements in Rocketman allowed him to think about a new direction in his acting career.

While Taron Egerton went through a number of preparations to portray Elton John like learning to play the piano and the many costume changes, this British actor had a behind-the-scenes role as well. During an interview with Screen Rant, Egerton revealed that taking part in Rocketman was more than just portraying the “magical” struggles of Elton John.

When I [did] Rocket Man, because of the musical elements of it, I had been involved with lots of elements of the storytelling that weren't just about the acting. I had a close relationship with the director - it wasn't our first project - so I'd been popping into the edit to see how things were going. And I'd enjoyed those conversations; I'd enjoyed being in the studio and learning about how the music was going to fit into the film and all the rest of it.

Before Rocketman, the Golden Globe-winning film’s director Dexter Fletcher directed Egerton in Eddie the Eagle which was another biopic about the true story of British underdog skier Michael Edwards. He then took over for the musical biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after its original director, Bryan Singer, was fired. So with biographical dramas and his partnership with Taron Egerton under his belt, it makes sense why he was the perfect director for honoring Elton John’s legacy.

The 32-year-old actor continued to tell Screen Rant about the surprise additional role he was granted in Rocketman

By the time this came around, I knew that I was interested in filmmaking conversations as well as acting ones. So, I just asked them if I could be a producer, and if they would welcome my input in that way. And they, very surprisingly and kindly, said yes. That's how it happened to me.

This wouldn’t be the last time Taron Egerton would try his hand at producing. You can see him be part of Apple TV’s haunting new series Black Bird playing the real-life Jimmy Keene who must coax a confession out of a suspected serial killer. Not only will Egerton be showing off his dramatic acting chops in front of the camera, but will also be the show’s executive producer. This will be a great chance for audiences to see what the Kingsman actor can do as he expands his range as an actor and behind the camera. 

We now know who to thank if Taron Egerton’s behind-the-scenes career ends up taking off. After not seeing him in a live-action role in three years, you have the chance to see Egerton’s acting and executive producing skills in Black Bird playing now on your Apple TV+ subscription.

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