Terrifier 2 Is Making Great Money Despite (Or Because Of) Reports Of People Throwing Up In Theaters

Terrifier 2 is the sequel to the 2016 slasher horror film about a silent murderous clown who wreaks gory havoc on his victims. As the previous movie had a number of over-the-top deaths that people couldn’t help but watch, this sequel has over two and a half hours of non-stop slasher gore to make you both entertained and sick to your stomach. Despite (or because of) reports of fans vomiting in the movie theaters while watching this slasher flick, Terrifier 2 is making excellent box office money.

You would think reports of a horror film literally making people sick would keep people away from the stomach-wrenching film. Yet with Halloween around the corner, it’s clear that audiences are looking for an upcoming horror movie that will have a horrifying effect on them. Bloody Disgusting reported Terrifier 2’s box office performance rose to 84% this past weekend after it made an estimated $1.8 million two weeks after it was released on October 6th. As it approaches its third week in theaters, Terrifier 2 has made $5,256 million at the domestic box office.

For all we know, Terrifier 2 could end up being the turning point for indie horror. This gross-out horror film only had a budget of $250,000 and got so much more money back in box office moolah. Art the Clown’s second time on the big screen gave the horror film an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes with 85% of audiences loving it. Even horror author Stephen King had his own reaction to the movie when he tweeted “Terrifier 2: Grossin’ you out old school.” Director Damien Leone responded to King’s praises with a lot of love saying his quote is one to include for the film’s poster.

Many Terrifier 2 fans posted on Twitter what they witnessed from the shocking reactions of theatergoers who saw the movie. One Twitter user said one guy passed out in his seat, another left the theater from not feeling well, and someone else was “puking hard and loud in the bathroom” from this “amazing gory mess.” Another Twitter user posted a photo of their friend being attended by emergency personnel after passing out from the gore fest, yet still said they highly recommended the movie. It proves that good or bad publicity from a movie can still lure curious fans to see if it’s worth the hype.

Damien Leone is proud of every type of reaction this movie has been receiving. In a recent EW interview, he said he considers it a “badge of honor” that Terrifier 2’s gory effects have led to a few walkouts. But at the same time, he doesn’t want anyone getting hurt during the movie. He also recommended that you watch the first Terrifier movie so that you know what exactly you’re getting into as I’m sure the horror film’s sequel brings the gore to a whole new level. You can find Terrifier free on many ad-supported streaming services.

Whether or not Terrifier 2’s publicity of people throwing up in theaters is helping the film achieve box office fame, it’s definitely not hurting it. You can see for yourself if Terrifier 2 is as stomach-churning as reports say as the 2022 movie release is in theaters now.  

Carly Levy
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