Terrifier 2: 8 Things To Know Before You Watch The Horror Movie

Lauren LaVera sits up in bed frightened in Terrifier 2.
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You’ve heard its name whispered, screamed, and shouted in the streets of new movie releases. But do you know what Terrifier 2 is all about? If you’ve been curious to check out writer/director Damian Leone’s horror opus, but aren’t sure you’re ready, we have the perfect guide to help you plunge into the gore head first. Should you possess no fear of clowns, and want something vicious to partake in through the world of horror, here’s what you need to know before watching Terrifier 2

What Exactly Is Terrifier 2?

The latest entry in the messy adventures of Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton), Terrifier 2 sees this rising star of horror tormenting young Sienna (Lauren LaVera), her brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam), as well as anyone in Miles County that runs across his path.  Bloody chaos ensues.

How Long Is Terrifier 2?

Clocking in at 138 minutes, Terrifier 2 is roughly an hour longer than its predecessor.

What Is Terrifier 2 Rated And Why?

Brace yourselves, folks; as we’re talking about good, old fashioned, unrated fun here. If you’ve been wondering how Terrifier 2 could be so extreme it made people faint and/or vomit during their showings, you’ve got your answer here. 

Do I Need To See Terrifier To Get Terrifier 2?

The Terrifier movies are kind of like the first two Terminator movies. While you don’t have to see the first movie to understand its sequel, some things that happen make a lot more sense if you have. This is especially true of the bonkers mid-credits scene for Terrifier 2.

How Scary Is Terrifier 2?

Admittedly, Terrifier 2 can be pretty scary for some. If Art the Clown himself doesn’t freak you out, the kills he dishes out absolutely will.

Who Is Art The Clown?

We don’t know the full story behind Art the Clown. What we do know is he’s the center of the Terrifier movies, and was also a subject of the previous shorts The 9th Circle and Terrifier, as well as the anthology movie All Hallows Eve

Currently played by David Howard Thornton, the character was previously portrayed by Mike Giannelli in the shorts and anthology that created the Terrfier saga. Slight spoilers for the first Terrifier movie, but not even death can stop Art, as he was somehow resurrected for Terrifier 2 after supposedly getting the axe in the previous film.

What Some People Have Said About Terrifier 2

Believe it or not, Stephen King is a Terrifier 2 fan! While some have taken to social media to express how they’ve been rocked by the extreme content in Damian Leone’s sequel, the king of horror has been pleased. Even CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg was won over by the movie in our official Terrifier 2 review, warning those with a strong stomach would be able to enjoy the movie. 

Where Can I Watch The Terrifier Movies?

If you’re curious about Terrifier 2 in particular, the movie has just hit streaming on ScreamBox; though it’s still being shown in theaters, as part of its wildly successful big screen run. Past entries in the Art the Clown legend like Terrifier and All Hallows Eve are streaming for free on Tubi, and other ad supported streamers.

So there you have it! Pretty much everything about Terrifier 2 you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask, has been laid out on the table. If you’re looking for a good and gory scare, you can get that thrill with the knowledge we just gave you. Also, if you’re looking for what’s next in the world of upcoming horror movies, that information’s waiting for you as well. Now go forth, and get spooky!

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