Dwayne Johnson Won Christmas With This Incredible Gift For His Mom, And The Touching Video

Dwayne Johnson looking at Jason Statham in Hobbs and Shaw
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems to have really been in the Christmas spirit as he was surrounded by his family. Thanks to the Red Notice star, his mother probably had a holiday that she’ll remember for years to come. Not only was she able to see her son and granddaughters on Christmas, but Johnson also gifted her a pretty incredible Christmas present, which is probably well-deserved after raising such a solid man.

Dwayne Johnson apparently loves to give away cars. After gifting his own truck to a deserving veteran earlier this holiday season, he has now given his mother a brand-new Cadillac. You can check out Johnson’s Instagram post about the gift below, where his mother is showing a wide range of emotions over the heartwarming present:

As his caption says, it looks like the gift was fulfilling for Dwayne Johnson just as much as it was for his mother. He has posted a video, along with many pictures, of his mother’s reaction to the gift. She goes through an “ugly crying” phase (his words, not mine, I’d never call Mama Rock ugly), as well as one of pure happiness when she’s surrounded by her grandchildren in her new car. 

Dwayne Johnson is known for being pretty giving toward his fans, and he even sang happy birthday to a fan’s 102-year-old grandma. He’s a pretty big family man and has shared so many precious moments with his daughters for the world to see, alluding to the WWE star-turned-actor being a pretty awesome girl dad. It’s awesome to see these two natures combine this Christmas as Johnson dotes on his mother.

From the sound of it, his mom is beyond deserving of the new ride. In his caption Dwayne Johnson says that she deserves much more. While I’m sure his mother has been taken care of since Johnson has reached peak stardom, and a car isn’t the only way he has shown appreciation to her, it would seem as though Johnson feels as though he hasn’t done enough to show his mother the same amount of love she’s shown in raising him. 

Dwayne Johnson has been pretty open about having a tough relationship with his father growing up, even though he has expressed a great deal of grief since his father’s passing. Johnson seems incredibly grateful to his mother and the life they've lived together. Now that he has the means to give his mother lavish gifts, he is certainly acting on that.

Dwayne Johnson is killing it in the gift game just as he is killing it in Hollywood. He is coming off of a high of having many successful films this year, and is going into the new year with a number of promising projects for the future. Black Adam is set to release next summer on July 29th and projects like San Andreas 2 and Big Trouble in Little China are on the horizon.

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