Watch The Rock Give His Truck Away To A Navy Veteran, Proving He’s An Actual Santa Claus

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been enjoying the success of his new Netflix smash hit Red Notice, which is even more popular on the streamer than we thought. Johnson is a superstar that comes from humble beginnings, and it seems any success he has, he makes sure to pay it forward. He recently did so in a generous way, and at the perfect time of year. Watch The Rock give his custom-made truck away to a Navy veteran, proving he’s an actual Santa Claus. 

Dwayne Johnson is starting the holiday season strong by giving a fantastic gift to a very worthy individual in a way only he could. Embodying Santa, The Rock surprised Navy Veteran and personal trainer Oscar Rodriguez by gifting him his special truck that we have seen The Rock driving on social media. Here is the emotional post from The Rock’s Instagram:

The Rock sure knows how to make an impact, rewarding someone he is thankful for and believes exemplifies what’s important in life and how to do so. Receiving Johnson’s ridiculously nice truck will be hard to top by any other gift, but Rodriguez is more than likely at peace with that. The Rock outlined all the reasons why Rodriguez deserved everything, and it's a very heartwarming message. It’s a grand gesture from one of the biggest stars in the world and perfectly in character for Johnson, who has always taken care of people close to him. 

With his latest act of generosity, The Rock may be preparing for his upcoming Christmas action movie where he isn’t playing Santa despite the film taking place during the holiday. Johnson has been celebrated the success of Red Notice in exciting ways, and it’s well deserved being that the film is such a big streaming hit that will continue to garner new viewers now that the holiday season is in full force and people will be at home looking for things to watch with the family. 

Johnson is now gearing up for next year’s highly anticipated Black Adam and has recently released a first look at the film, and it has fans excited for his entry into the DC movie universe. Johnson is feeding the hype by being unable to stop teasing Black Adam vs. Superman, which would be a real gift to DC fans. Hopefully, the film makes its mark, and we see the character interact with the other established DC heroes. 

The Rock has come a long way from looking “ridiculous” in his introduction into the WWE, and his beginnings clearly inform his current success. Johnson continues to pay it all forward and sets an example of what a megastar should be, and he isn’t stopping anytime soon as he has plenty of upcoming movies and projects in the works, and we cant wait to see them all. 

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