The Rock Gets Real About Stealing As A Teen And How He Tries To Redeem His 7-11 Actions Years Later

Dwayne Johnson on Young Rock
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Dwayne Johnson has strived to be a great role model since he hit acting stardom. The actor has also stressed the importance of paying it forward and getting in touch with your roots. In the past, The Rock has bought his mother a new house, and has used his social media to reflect on his less than glamorous past. Now, he is paying it forward, and redeeming his past actions as a teenager at his local 7-11. 

In a recent Instagram post, Johnson got real about how he used to get by as a teen, even if it may not be the most lawful thing to talk about. The former wrestling star did not have a lot of money growing up, and had a habit of stealing Snickers candy bars from his local 7-11 before his workouts. Now Johnson has decided to give back to 7-11 for all the years he stole candy bars because he couldn’t afford them. The video he shared shows the mega movie star buying every Snickers candy bar the store had, and interacting with the community. Check out the wholesome video below. 

It’s so sweet to watch The Rock give back to that 7-11 for allowing him grace as a kid. The Rock also reflected on his process of through old wounds now that he has achieved massive success. This is such a great way to give back while also opening up about his own struggles. Sharing this world also helps give us insight into where he came from. He also continues to heal through sharing other intimate details about his life on his NBC sitcom, Young Rock, including his experience with eviction.

Johnson has never been short on emotional stories, or expressing his gratitude for his movie star career while coming from humble beginnings. It also definitely seems like Snickers bars are a thing of the past for The Rock. While he certainly doesn't have to steal them anymore, he also is very specific about his diet and exercise routine. He has stated he eats roughly six times a day, and his Black Adam workout looks incredibly intense. I doubt he was able to achieve his superhero physique while eating candy bars. This is probably why he handed the chocolate out to customers. 

While The Rock isn’t dishing out small acts of kindness, he is constantly working on new projects. Johnson is currently filming the Christmas epic, Red One, alongside Chris Evans, and has been tapped to star in Robert Zemeckis’ historical film, The King. The actor has also been announced to reprise his roles in sequel films such as Red Notice 2, San Andreas 2, and Jungle Cruise 2. Needless to say, Johnson may just be the busiest actor in the industry.  

Dwayne Johnson’s superhero film, Black Adam, is currently in theaters, so check it out while you still can. In addition, his next film Red One will be available for Amazon Prime subscribers during the holiday season next year. For more information on other much anticipated projects coming to theaters and streaming next year, check out our 2023 movie release schedule. 

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