This Photo Of Spider-Man Star Laura Harrier Buying Potato Chips In Her Gorgeous Art Basel Outfit Is The Best

Laura Harrier as Liz Allen in Spider-Man: Homecoming
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One Life to Live actress Laura Harrier received international attention when she played Spider-Man: Homecoming’s love interest Liz Allen. She then had a major role in the stylish and intriguing biographical thriller BlacKkKlansman. Now, she’s bringing back her modeling roots by showing off her gorgeous Art Basel outfit while buying a bag of potato chips. 

Take it from a talented model to show off her poise doing everyday activities. Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Laura Harrier posted a photo on Instagram of herself buying potato chips wearing her slinky bronze Saint Laurent look that she wore during Art Basel 2022 in Miami. Take a look at this fashion icon below:

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Only Laura Harrier can pull off looking that gorgeous at a food mart buying a bag of potato chips. Proves that if you’ve got the look, flaunt it! In her caption, she made sure to thank Saint Laurent and Anthony Vaccarello for her trendy new look and commented that she had a fun time in Miami. The Art Basel 2022 show took place in Miami Beach from December 1-3. Leading galleries from five continents present works from modern and contemporary art as well as upcoming artists of today. According to Page Six, there were a number of celebrities showing off their wild looks like Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Megan Fox, Cardi B., and Hailey Bieber among the many celebrities flaunting their bold looks.

While Zendaya’s M.J. was the object of Peter Parker’s desire in two of the MCU’s Spider-Man movies, Laura Harrier’s Liz Allen got there first in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, Harrier was afraid that it was all over for her once she found out Zendaya was cast too. But with Spider-Man being such a big movie, there was room for both. While her time in the Spider-Man movies was short after her character had to move away due to her villainous father being put in the slammer, Spider-Man: Homecoming was still a great way for her to gain acting exposure. And who knows? Maybe she’ll come back in future Spider-Man movies even if she’ll be one out of the masses who won’t remember who Peter Parker is. Probably a good idea in her case considering how Peter had to stand her up at the dance to go fight her father.

What’s coming next for Laura Harrier may not be another Spider-Man movie, but she was cast in the White Men Can’t Jump remake. While we don’t know what role she’ll play yet, this remake is said to be a new take on the 1992 sports comedy that starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. You can also catch her as part of the cast of the TV special Entergalactic which you can see now on your Netflix subscription. With films, television shows, and being the face of a ton of modeling campaigns, this beautiful star has plenty to look forward to.

The Art Basel outfit that Laura Harrier wore demonstrates it can be worn on any occasion whether it is an art show or just simply buying a bag of chips. You can watch her play Liz Allen in Spider-Man: Homecoming on your Starz subscription.

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