Jon Watts Hopes To Bring Back Another Homecoming Character In Future Spider-Man Films

Laura Harrier as Liz in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Warning: SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Far From Home are ahead!

During the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was romantically interested on Laura Harrier’s Liz, but our intrepid hero learning that she was the daughter of Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. The Vulture, complicated things. Now Liz and her mother are living in Oregon, hence why she wasn’t around in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see her again.

Director Jon Watts recently revealed that he’s thought about bringing Laura Harrier back as Liz for a third MCU-set Spider-Man movie, which hasn’t been officially announced yet, but stands a good chance of getting the green light given how Spider-Man: Far From Home has performed. As Watts put it:

Oh yeah. I mean like, yeah, we talked about it a little bit. I mean, that's something that I would love to explore more [in] future films.

With Liz Allan having been an important part of the Spider-Man mythos since the beginning, it would make sense for the MCU’s version of Liz to return at some point rather than be a one-and-done character. Granted, moving from the East to West Coast complicates her coming back into Peter Parker’s life, but since her father is still alive and in prison, at least there’s still the possibility that their paths could cross again.

While there were never any plans to bring Liz back for Spider-Man: Far From Home, it was initially reported that Michael Keaton would reprise Vulture in the sequel. However, that was later debunked, with Jon Watts saying that neither Adrian Toomes nor Mac Gargan (better known as Scorpion in the comics) came back for Far From Home because there wasn’t a good way to organically fit them into the story.

As for how Liz could stand out should she return to the MCU, one of the things that Spider-Man: Far From Home explored was the aftermath of The Blip, when those who were snapped away by Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War were brought back to life five years later. Jon Watts wasn’t willing to officially label Liz as someone who was snapped away or a survivor of Thanos’ genocide, but he did acknowledge that it’d be interesting to explore the latter possibility.

Continuing in his interview with, Jon Watts said about Laura Harrier:

She was [five years older than everyone] when we shot the movie, so now she can just actually play her. Now she can just play her actual age.

Although Peter Parker was accompanied by numerous familiar faces during Spider-Man: Far From Home, including Ned, MJ, Flash Thompson and Betty Brant, the fact of the matter is that a lot of the folks in their class were brand new, like Brad Davis, who was a middle schooler right before they disappeared. So it would be interesting to explore the other half of that new status quo and see what Liz’s life is like as an adult.

For now, we continue waiting for Marvel and Sony’s official announcement on another live action Spider-Man movie, and from there, information on who will make up the cast, including the villain(s), will follow. As for Spider-Man: Far From Home, it’s received a lot of positive reception and has made over $588 million worldwide so far.

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