Violent Night Is Now Available To Watch At Home, And Fans Have The Best Responses

This Christmas, a new Kris Kringle has entered the ring. As the new movie release Violent Night pits David Harbour’s Santa Claus against a group of vicious terrorists, the halls aren’t the only thing getting decked. A gift that keeps on giving, director Tommy Wirkola’s bone crunching holiday offering is now available to watch at home on PVOD, and fans have the best responses to this news!

Universal’s action-comedy can be streamed as a rental for those of you who are looking to enjoy the film in the comfort of your own home. That ability will undoubtedly open the film up to an even wider crowd, and just in time for Christmas weekend! 

In fact The Black Phone co-screenwriter C. Robert Cargill pointed that very fact out while leaving this glowing recommendation on Twitter: 

Some of the best action movies, as well as the finest Christmas offerings, have been invoked when singing the praises of this fun and furious film. Reviews for Violent Night reflected as much, so it’s no surprise that the ability to rent or own this picture digitally is being met with this level of excitement. Further proving that point is this reaction from Luke Stier, another firm believer in this movie's resemblance to Die Hard:

If anyone knows the true magic of the holiday, then screenwriter Brian Lynch would certainly be one of those types of people. With a pedigree that includes The Secret LIfe of Pets, Minions and even Hop, Lynch knows how to spin a tale that involves a fair amount of whimsy. 

That expertise isn't the only thing that contributed to his feelings about Violent Night. Come to think of it, this message of how David Harbour is the best Santa in quite some time is a serious credit to the movie:  

It really is easy to be cynical about a Santa Claus movie as an adult, especially when the "bad santa" concept has been done in recent years through films like Fatman. So having people over the moon for Harbour's Santa, both as a warrior and as a gift-giver, is pretty powerful.

Perhaps the greatest test of any adult’s dedication to watching a movie at home is how long they’ll stay awake for something like Violent Night. This last reaction is a pretty ringing endorsement on that very specific front, as this fan’s story took place on a “work night”: 

All of these tweets are like ornaments on the tree of raves. Even our official Violent Night review saw the picture as “a holiday action sugar rush,” which sounds exactly like the type of thing people could use this time of year. Whether you’ve finished your holiday shopping or if you’ve yet to begin, it doesn’t matter because Santa Claus is coming to town! You can currently rent or own Violent Night on Digital HD through whatever trusted vendor you use to indulge in such delights.

Mike Reyes
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