Wait, Is Mortal Kombat’s Sequel Coming Together After All?

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When HBO Max was launched, one of the first new titles to arrive was Simon McQuoid’s Mortal Kombat. Plenty of subscribers tuned in to watch fatalities from the comfort of their homes, and the ending definitely planted narrative seeds for a sequel. There’s been no official word from Warner Bros. but is a Mortal Kombat sequel coming together after all?

Throughout the runtime of the new Mortal Kombat movie, the beloved cast of characters didn’t actually engage in the titular tournament. Instead, it was more of a prequel, with the ending hinting at the entrance of Johnny Cage and possibly others. Now producer Todd Garner is seemingly teasing that progress being made for Mortal Kombat 2, posting:

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Do you hear that? It’s generations of Mortal Kombat fans out there collectively cheering. There are so many iconic fighters that we’d love to see make it to the big screen… before likely being killed off in a grisly way. Let’s just hope that this means another movie is being given the green light by the studio.

The above post comes to us from the official Twitter of producer Todd Garner. His profile photo is still a promo image for Mortal Kombat, which is why fans think he may be hinting at the sequel coming together. Considering how much of a streaming hit the first movie was, it makes sense that Warner Bros. might want to strike gold twice. We'll just have to wait for any word from the studio

While this isn’t an official confirmation, Mortal Kombat fans out there are definitely crossing their fingers (and weapons) in hopes of returning to the eternal battle of Earthrealm Vs. Outworld. Since the first movie was such a massive streaming hit, I have to wonder if a possible sequel will actually be produced exclusively for HBO Max. After all, Warner Bros. is putting a ton of stock into the service with upcoming projects like Peacemaker and the Batgirl movie.

Narratively, there are definitely a number of threads to pull if Mortal Kombat’s sequel ends up becoming a reality. The final scene showed that Earthrealm’s champions were in search of more fighters, starting with one Johnny Cage. And with Sub-Zero seemingly killed, fans were hoping this would make way for him to transform into Noob Saibot. That’s certainly a plot point that actor Joe Taslim seems interested in.

As previously mentioned, there are an endless supply of characters for the Mortal Kombat film franchise to pull from if new movies are produced. Aside from Johnny Cage, fans are holding out hope to see the likes of Kitana, Jade, or Baraka on the big screen. And maybe some killed off characters like Milenna or Kung-Lao will be revived in the process.

Mortal Kombat is streaming on HBO Max now. Be sure to check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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