Watch Universal Orlando's Grinch Hilariously Reveal His Makeup Knowledge In Viral TikTok

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There are a few things that we can say about Dr. Seuss’ Grinch. He’s mean. He doesn’t like Christmas. His heart is three sizes too small. However, it turns out the Grinch has some hidden talents, as he knows a thing or two about makeup, as a recent viral TikTok has revealed. 

The video comes from Alessa Dufresne who posted a clip of The Grinch, who has taken up residence once again this year for Grinchmas at Universal’s Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort as part of the theme parks' holiday offerings. She remarks that the two of them have similar eyelashes, and while he takes a shot at her for hers being false, because his are, I suppose technically, not, he follows up with something you don’t normally hear from the Grinch, a compliment.  Specifically, he compliments her makeup.


The Grinch was crabby, but liked my makeup👏🏻 #fyp #foryourpage #thegrinch #christmas

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Of all the things I might expect to hear coming out of the mouth of a Grinch at Universal Orlando, makeup compliments would not make the list. I wouldn’t even know what words to use to make a similar joke if I was there, so this guy knows enough to at least sound like he knows what he’s talking about.

Of course, maybe if you’re a professional Grinch you know a few things about makeup. The work that needs to be done to become a Grinch at Universal would certainly require some extensive time in a makeup chair, so you probably pick up some knowledge just by sitting there if nothing else. 

Every theme park employee is somebody who makes the experience of visiting special, please be kind to all theme park employees,  but some people get the extra cool jobs of playing the roles you’ll truly remember. Whether that’s an attraction operator like a Jungle Cruise skipper or playing a costumed character like the Grinch, these performers get to have some real fun of their own while also entertaining the rest of us. 

Christmas at theme parks is always fun but it’s these sorts of interactions, the things that both feel personal while also being hilarious, that make them extra special. Universal Orlando Resort has a lot of fun holiday stuff that’s available to anybody visiting the parks right now, but they also have an exclusive event, the Universal Holiday Tour, which offers a list of fun experiences to those looking to make their holiday season extra special. 

What else does the Grinch know about? Is he a fashion expert too? He does know how to sew and make his own clothing, so perhaps he is an expert there as well. If you find yourself at Islands of Adventure this holiday season see what other surprising knowledge the Grinch has. 

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