What's Next For Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez As Their Schedules Get Busy Again

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez sitting in a sofa in Gigli
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The rekindling of the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez has seemingly made both stars quite happy, and it’s also delighted fans of the celebrity couple. And the two are certainly serious about being together, even when circumstances force them to be a part. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are very busy people and the careers of public people like them can end up taking them all over the world. And Lopez and Affleck have been apart more recently, but they’re still getting together as often as possible. 

According to People, Ben Affleck has been down in Texas filming the thriller Hypnotic, but he flew to New York last weekend in order to spend the weekend with Jennifer Lopez and see her perform at Global Citizen Live. The pair were able to spend some additional time personal together before Affleck headed back to Texas.

From all reports, these two are quite serious about each other and it sounds like they’re trying to spend as much time together as possible... even if that means flying halfway across the country now and then. They certainly have the means to do what they need to in order to see each other, but finding the time is probably just as tough as it is for any couple. 

And more than likely they’ll be doing a lot of that. There will certainly be times when both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are making movies in different parts of the country. Movie productions are beginning to pick up some steam once again, though they are still moving slower than they once did.

While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been together before, and even been engaged, this relationship is looking like a new one, where the pair don’t want to be apart at all. It’s all quite lovely. There were a lot of fans that were just as invested in this relationship as Affleck and Lopez, and they’re happy to see it too.

One wonders if they might try to make a movie together so that they can work and spend time together. Of course, the history of that idea isn’t great, so it’s possible that it has been soured for them. Though it’s also possible they might give it a try if only to try to get people to forget that Gigli was ever a thing

Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have children from previous relationships, but the good news there is that all of them are in school in Los Angeles. This means that the couple will be spending a lot of their time in L.A. so they can be close to their kids. It certainly works better than it would if one of them needed to be in L.A. and the other needed to spend more time in New York.

Dirk Libbey
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