Jennifer Lopez Seemingly Just Teased Her Relationship With Ben Affleck In New Comments

For as long as there have been celebrities, the public has been obsessed over famous couples. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck know this all too well, as they’ve spent decades watching their personal and professional lives make headlines. Bennifer’s recent reunion has broken the internet, and now Lopez has seemingly teased her relationship with Affleck in new comments.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were a serious power couple in the early 2000s, with Bennifer being one of the first examples of modern celebrity shipping. The two have since reunited, and Lopez has opened up about their relationship when speaking about her 2002 album This Is Me... Then, which featured a number of songs about her relationship with Affleck. Lopez opened up about this recently, saying:

The name of that album was This Is Me... Then. That was a moment. When you go back and hear that, you hear the purity and the love there. And I think that’s why people responded to the album. They went back and listened and was like, ‘Oh wait a minute.’ This was something that was a real moment, a real thing. I listen to that album, and I remember myself back then, and I remember writing a lot of those songs [with] Cory Rooney and a bunch of the other amazing producers, probably out of all the albums where I bared my soul the most and was not afraid to kind of lay it all out there. It was nice that it went back into the charts because it made me go back and listen to it.

While songs about exes might be cringeworthy for some recording artists, it looks like Jennifer Lopez doesn’t feel that way about her hit 2002 album. What’s more, she’s seemingly been re-listening to This Is Me... Then, which literally includes a track titled “Dear Ben.” Now I wonder why she might be revisiting this part of her music catalogue?

Jennifer Lopez’s comments about her Ben Affleck-centric album come from her recent appearance on The Ebro Show. Despite a recent Oscar snub for Hustlers, 51 year-old multihyphenate’s career is still managing to rise. Because in addition to her music and headline-making personal life, Lopez is also a producer who recently made an awesome deal with Netflix.

Later in that same interview, Jennifer Lopez further reflected on This Is Me...Then, ending on a note that is sure to turn the heads of all the Bennifer fans out there. You can read her words for yourself below, although try not to squee in excitement.

It made me go back and look at that time and appreciate not just what I had to say in the music itself that I feel was so beautiful but also my voice at the time. It was different, it was softer, it was tender, it was less life on it. It was different, you know, now I have this rasp on it that I can’t get out, and that’s that hard life. You gotta earn the blues, right? And there were some blues after that, but that was a pure moment in time of love. And I think that’s why people went back as they saw different things happening in my life now and they go, ‘Wow, really?’ And I think it gave people hope. Some things do last forever.

Forever, you say? Could this mean that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reconnection is getting hot and heavy? Clearly listening to her music from that era has been an interesting experience for the singer-actress-dancer-producer. Especially as Bennifer has once again dominated the news cycle.

While Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck haven’t spoken in detail about their reunion, all eyes are certainly on the pair of A-listers. They’ve been photographed together countless times, so it’s not like they’re exactly keeping things a secret. Still, there are generations of fans who want more information about Bennifer 2.0.

Jennifer Lopez recently wrapped her new movie Shotgun Wedding, while moviegoers can’t wait to see Ben Affleck reprise his role as Batman in the Flash movie. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

Corey Chichizola
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