Kevin Smith Chimes In After Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Appear To Be Hanging Out In The Wake Of Her A-Rod Breakup

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck flirting in 2003's Gigli

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck haven’t been mentioned in the same breath since the early 2000s. But that hasn’t stopped fans from wishing the former couple would rekindle their romance. That became even more obvious after Lopez broke her engagement with Alex Rodriguez. One of those fans happens to be Kevin Smith, and the director-writer decided to chime in on a possible Lopez-Affleck rumor on social media.

The term “Bennifer” conjures up many feelings for those who followed Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s careers in the 2000s. Well, it seems Kevin Smith wants the old thing back, too. The director-writer took to Twitter to retweet an alleged “Bennifer” sighting. Smith threw his support behind the rumor, writing:

I hope this is true. I was there at the beginning of their relationship and they were adorable and very in love. It’ll be wonderful for both of them if they find their way back to each other now, years later. Unrelated side note? Coming soon… JERSEY GIRL 2: NECRONOMICON!

Kevin Smith’s excitement over a possible Jennifer Lopez – Ben Affleck reunion speaks to the hopeless romantic in all of us. Having directed the former couple’s second film Jersey Girl, Smith would have some insight into the former couple’s relationship.

According to Page Six, Ben Affleck was reportedly spotted coming from and going to Jennifer Lopez’s Bel-Air mansion. The alleged hint came as Affleck was spotted entering and exiting a white Escalade, similar to one owned by the actress-entertainer. Sources allege that the actor would be picked up and dropped off in the vehicle “after spending a few hours at her house.” Another insider reportedly stated the two have remained friendly for years after calling off their 2-year engagement in 2004.

For any 2000s kids, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were one of the biggest super couples after meeting on the ill-fated comedy Gigli. By 2002, Affleck and Lopez got engaged with the wedding scheduled for 2003. Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last under the media scrutiny, as it came to end after the pair filmed Smith’s Jersey Girl.

So at this point, Kevin Smith’s dreams of “Bennifer” raising from the ashes may be no more than mere gossip. While Smith and others desire for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to be a couple once more, the public can’t forget the media circus and fallout from that relationship. Gigli and the stories surrounding their relationship would affect both actors, with the moment serving as a low point in both of their careers. It took Affleck’s acting career a few years to recover after the fallout of such a public relationship, and the same could be said about Lopez.

But it has been years since “Bennifer” was headline-making news, and the two are in very different places in their lives right now. So maybe rekindling an old flame might work for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at this point in time. Considering the two have remained close friends, that’s probably off the table at this point. But we can all hold out faith like Kevin Smith that the two might give the romance another try.

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