When The Defamation Trial Verdict Came Down, Johnny Depp Was Apparently Just Hanging Out In A Pub And Even Doling Out Parenting Advice

Depp Walking into Court May 3
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To say that this was a massive week for Johnny Depp would be an understatement. For weeks, the actor has been locked in a defamation trial with former wife Amber Heard, and a verdict was finally reached. The jury found Heard guilty on three counts of defaming Depp, with the jury siding with the Oscar nominee financially in regard to his ex-wife’s countersuit. Many who’d been keeping up with the legal proceedings appeared to have been waiting with bated breath ahead of the jury’s fateful decision. Interestingly enough though, shortly before the verdict was delivered, Deep was apparently hanging out in a bar and giving parental advice. 

This past week, the Captain Jack Sparrow actor paid a visit to Bridge Tavern in Newcastle just hours before the legal decision was made. The star wasn’t alone, as he was apparently accompanied by legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. The two were apparently keeping a low-profile but, eventually, tavern manager Lauren Whittington spotted them. In an interview, the pregnant Whittington recalled the celebrity sighting and revealed the parenting tips the actor shared with her once he saw that she was expecting:

None of us could believe it, he went unnoticed for maybe an hour before anyone realized it was him and Jeff Beck just sat eating Fish and Chips together in the corner… He noticed I’m pregnant and was asking me how long I have left, then he was giving me some advice on nappies, lack of sleep, and the first few weeks of parenthood, saying it’ll be the greatest gift I ever receive and I won’t know love like it until I look into her eyes for the first time.

Based on her comments to ITV News, it sounds like the encounter was a pretty surreal experience for the tavern manager. She went on to say that the 58-year-old star provided some further sentiments involving children:

He was also talking about his kids, who are grown up now, and how magical being a parent is.

Johnny Depp has two children, daughter (and actress) Lily-Rose Depp and son Jack. Depp’s purported parenting methods were among the many topics brought up during the defamation trial. During the proceedings, Amber Heard alleged that Depp gave Lily-Rose weed as a teen, a decision that reportedly caused friction between the former married couple at the time. The younger Depp was also brought up during the case when it was said that she didn’t attend her father’s wedding because she and Heard were “not on particularly great terms” at the time. 

At present, the Edward Scissorhands alum has been awarded $15 million (collectively for compensation and punitive damage) as a result of the unanimous verdict. He was, however, found guilty on one count of defamation himself, resulting in his ex-wife being given $2 million in compensatory damages. After the decision was delivered, the star issued a response, saying that he now feels “at peace.” His former wife, on the other hand, expressed her “disappointment” with how things played out.

While Johnny Depp seems to be breathing a sigh of relief now, it’s interesting to hear that he already seemed calm ahead of the big moment. I’m not sure if we can expect him to dole out any more parenting advice to bystanders, though fans of the actor can look forward to seeing him in a new project with Jeff Beck.

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