Why One Fast And Furious Actor ‘Blames Ludacris’ For Not Being Invited To Return For A Sequel

Over two decades, the Fast and Furious franchise has seen its share of big stars come and go. At one point, Vin Diesel’s Dom disappeared for two sequels before reemerging in 2009’s Fast and Furious. But as the film series starts to wind down, there appeared to be a call out for some former stars to return for the final installments. It seemed like one star is willing to back for Fast 10 and 11, but he didn’t get an invite. Now, he’s blaming F9’s Ludacris for the lack of an invite.

Some fans might’ve forgotten that The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window’s Michael Ealy starred in 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious. He played street racer Slap Jack in the sequel as part of Tej Parker (played Ludacris)’s street racing team. While Ludacris continued with the franchise, Ealy just appeared in one film. Despite not being seen in over two decades, the actor is down for a Fast and Furious return. The Fast and Furious alum revealed to ScreenRant where Slap Jack would be at right now.

Man, I hope so. He's probably a little bit older now. And hopefully, he uses his government name at this point. I don't know. You know, I haven't gotten that call. They've made a lot of them without me. I blame Ludacris for this. I think it's his fault I haven't come back.

Ealy might be onto something as Ludacris remained a staple in the Fast and Furious world. He might’ve seen Michael Ealy as competition leading to Ealy not returning. Of course, his character Tej disappeared after the Fast and Furious sequel until he resurfaced in Fast Five. So, Slap Jack might’ve been an afterthought at that point.

Though his role was minor in 2 Fast 2 Furious, it would be nice to see him pop up again in the final films. As Ealy mentioned, it would be nice to see where Slap Jack’s life has progressed since the film. Seeing Michael Ealy reunite with Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson would serve as a nice full-circle moment for fans of the sequel. It could also serve as a wonderful tribute to Paul Walker as he shared countless scenes with Tej and Slap Jack. But Ludacris has been tight-lipped about the finale as he called Fast and Furious 10 “top secret.”

While Michael Ealy may not be back for the final installments, the Fast and Furious recently got a new addition as Gibson welcomed Jason Momoa into the Fast and Furious family. Momoa’s addition came on the heels of Vin Diesel making an emotional appeal to his “little brother” The Rock to return. In response, The Rock opened up about his departure from the franchise and his feud with Diesel. So, Ealy might have a chance to resurface after all.

Of course, fans will have to wait until Fast and Furious 10 arrives on May 10, 2023, after an unexpected delay. In the meantime, look over our list of upcoming releases to see what over films might’ve been delayed.

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