Will Ben Affleck And George Clooney Act In A Movie Together? The Argo Star Shares Thoughts After The Two Gents Walk The Red Carpet Together

George Clooney and Ben Affleck
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If you were to fill a room with the best and most critically acclaimed actors and filmmakers alive today, Ben Affleck and George Clooney would certainly be present right alongside some of their other Hollywood colleagues and friends. Surprisingly, the two icons have never acted together in a film, but will that always be the case? The Argo star shares his thoughts on a possible future where he and Clooney share the screen together after sharing the red carpet with him while attending the premiere for The Tender Bar.

Apparently the fact that Ben Affleck and George Clooney haven’t acted together isn’t for lack of wanting, according to Affleck. In an exclusive interview with ET, the actor has nothing but praises for the Midnight Sky actor and says that he would love to star in a project with Clooney, but it’s really up to him at this point. Here’s what Affleck says, exactly:

I would love to. He’s gotta hire me. I mean, he’s gotta cast himself and hire me. Maybe that’s the next step. He’s a really really smart actor, and what I really learned about George as an actor, is George really understands exactly how to kind of calibrate a performance. He really understands the audience’s expectations. The truth is, he’s just really good at this thing.

Ben Affleck

Although both Ben Affleck and George Clooney started as actors and made a name for themselves by starring in some major productions, they both are now pretty deep into the production and directing game. Apparently Affleck is banking on the two working on screen together under Clooney’s own production company Smokehouse Pictures, which makes sense seeing as the majority of what Clooney acts in now is under his own production umbrella.

The two Hollywood big shots may not have appeared on screen together in a project, but they have worked closely together on more than one occasion. George Clooney both produced and directed The Tender Bar, which stars Ben Affleck. Clooney also acted as producer of Argo, which was directed by and starred Affleck; the film won both men Oscars.

Their connections go even further with the company they keep as well. George Clooney has worked with Matt Damon a wild amount of times and apparently Damon is down to do pretty much anything with Clooney. The Bourne Supremacy actor probably feels the same way about Ben Affleck, seeing as they are childhood friends, rose to fame side-by-side and acting in pretty much the same films at the beginning of their career, and share an Oscar for their writing work on Good Will Hunting

Now that Ben Affleck has shown his desire and willingness to act alongside George Clooney, it’s very possible Clooney may just find the right project to cast himself and bring Affleck in on. Who knows, maybe they’ll even throw their mutual bestie Matt Damon in the mix, too. The Tender Bar is set to release to theaters this December 17th and to Amazon Prime a few weeks later. You can also check out another major Affleck/Damon team up in The Last Duel, which is heading to theaters this October 15th.

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