Will Smith Pokes Fun At The Oscars Slap Controversy With Funny TikTok Trend

Will Smith toasting Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys For Life.
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Almost a year has passed since 2022’s Academy Award winners took the stage, but you wouldn’t know it when reading the news. Will Smith’s Oscar slap controversy continues to be a highly discussed subject, even with last year’s Best Actor winner notably absent from 2023’s nominees. The most recent example of this event still making headlines, involves some self-deprecating humor, as Smith poked fun at the debacle by stitching a funny TikTok trend. 

Through an emerging meme that’s been going viral, people are apparently being encouraged to ask inanimate objects what they think of them. The TikTok that started it all explained that if you ask any object what it thinks of you, it will give you an answer, and in Will Smith’s case the choice of object is obvious. Check out the results of the actor consulting his Oscar for its opinion of him in the TikTok below: 


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Smith has certainly been leaning on humor when it comes to this infamous incident as of late. Recently the King Richard star shared a blooper involving a production of Disney on Ice, relating his 2022 journey to the skating Genie from Aladdin falling off of the ice. Symbolizing, in a humorous way, the bumpy road after his televised slapping of comedian Chris Rock

One enraged slap from Will Smith led to the Oscars banning him just a few short weeks after winning his first golden honor. And it's not like he's the only one that's been joking about it all, as the comedian who got slapped has periodically referenced his end of the experience. Though Rock has been holding off on making any extensive comments about his run-in with Smith, with some expecting his live Netflix special to be the venue for such thoughts.

The Academy has also been revisiting the 94th Academy Awards themselves, though not in as glowing or humorous a context. Janet Yang’s recent statement as the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences admitted that the immediate aftermath of the incident was handled in a manner that Yang deemed as “inadequate.” 

More Information On Will Smith's Oscar Ban

Naturally, the promise from the Academy going forward is that this sort of thing won’t happen again. Lessons have supposedly been learned from the Smith/Rock confrontation, and with both parties getting more comfortable with discussing that night, it's time for the jokes to start flying. This means there's bound to be tons of reactions that'll keep this story going for some time in the near future, and you can bet TikTok will be pulling soundbites from all ends for future trends.

Professionally, Will Smith is currently on deck to reteam with Martin Lawrence on Bad Boys 4. The third sequel to the legendary action franchise is currently shooting, with no official release date set at this moment. Meanwhile, Smith’s latest movie Emancipation is available to stream for those with an Apple TV+ subscription

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