Jenna Ortega Has Me Even More Hyped For New Horror Film X, Calls Script The ‘Most Outrageous’ Thing She’s Ever Read

Jenna Ortega on a bus in X movie.
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After seeing former Disney Channel star Jenna Ortega tackle a jaw-dropping opening scene in the new Scream movie, horror might be the genre that sticks with her based on some other projects in the works. Ortega’s next role is in Ti West’s A24 film X, about an adult film shot in rural Texas that does not go as planned. If you need a reason to be hyped for this movie, Jenna Ortega describes the script for X  to be the “most outrageous” thing she’s ever read! 

According to EW, the actress plays a Conservative Christian girl who’s excited about being in an adult film production. She reveals that this “outrageous script” includes an older couple the group of characters rent a farmhouse from to shoot their adult film who are not exactly welcoming.

I play this character named Lorraine, who’s a conservative southern Christian girl who’s thrown into an adult film production and it’s kind of jarring and exciting for her. They rent out this farmhouse to shoot an adult film for the weekend. Everybody is going into this with really high hopes, and the older couple they rented it from is maybe not the most inviting, and maybe a little bit too curious about what’s going on. [The script was] the most outrageous thing I’ve ever read.

Ti West’s new slasher film X came out on March 18, with the critics saying the porn-centric slasher movie does an excellent job and is not trying to be an imitation of other memorable slasher movies, but plays as a tribute with “genuine mood and flavor.” Expect sex, blood, and graphic scares when you least expect it. Do you think X has a chance to make it onto our best horror films of the year list for this year? We’ll give you some time to get over the shock of the film’s gruesome scenes to decide.

This is not the last that we’ve seen of Jenna Ortega and her exploration into eerie genres. We’ll be seeing her take on yet another dark role of our favorite Addams Family character in the upcoming live-action series Netflix’s Wednesday. Since Wednesday Addams will be a teenager in this show, Ortega told the aforementioned outlet she hopes to give audiences the same Wednesday Addams we all know and love, but still give the character an emotional arc that fits in with growing up. So, it’s safe to say we should expect some dead-pan delivery and biting remarks that tie in with the character’s obsession with death. With the casting former Wednesday star Christina Ricci in the new Netflix series as well, we'll hopefully have a new binge-watchable series on our hands.

Cash in your ticket to see X which is currently in theaters as well as look into our 2022 movie release schedule to see what other movies draw your eye this year.

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